Thursday, October 11, 2012

The next 9 to even 10-magnitude of mega-earthquake will hit... the West Coast?

The Pacific Ring Of Fire has caused a number of terrible mega-earthquakes in the last two years:
February 27 2010 mega-earthquake in Chile,
September 4 2010 and February 22, mega-earthquake in Christchurch City,
March 11 2011, mega-earthquake in Northeast Japan,
And the remaining region of the Ring of Fire that had no earthquake is San Andreas Fault of the West Coast of North America…

Will the next 9 or even 10-magnitude mega-earthquake be hitting the West Coast of the US?

Britian’s MailOnline news
March 15 2011
Next is California? Experts warned the West Coast could be the next earthquake victim of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire.
 “The West Coast has increased risk because the Pacific Northwest has the same kind of characteristics as the fault beneath Japan,’ said seismologist James Gaherty.

The news
March 17 2011
The U.S. West Coast is waiting for an overdue huge earthquake.
“From the geological standpoint, this earthquake occurs very regularly," says engineer Yumei Wang, who is the geohazards team leader at the Oregon Department of Geology.
"With the Cascadia fault, we have records of 41 earthquakes in the last 10,000 years with an average of 240 years apart. Our last one was 311 years ago so we are overdue," she says.