Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disasters happened after the Transit of Venus on June 6 2012

Ancient Mayans had very accurate calendars. They could calculate the exact date of planet paths, eclipse, lunar eclipse and the transit of Venus 1,000 years ago. Their calendar calculated that the transit of Venus would appear at 6:12 on 6 June 2012 (HK time).

The Mayan predicted that the world would experience intensive changes and frequent disasters after this transit. Disasters would continue until the end of the calendar, i.e. 21 Dec. this year.

In fact, unusual disasters and changes on the environment and the climate have happened after the transit on 6 Jun. this year.

For example, there are 21 magnitude 5 or above earthquakes between 6 and 27 Jun. On average, earthquakes occurred 2.6 times a day. It’s an obvious increase.

This includes a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Turkey on 11 Jun. 59 were injured. Some buildings were damaged.

Also, the 6.5 earthquake in Yilan, Taiwan on the same day awakened people on the whole island. Details were still unknown.

There were 181 earthquakes within four days from 15-18 Jun. in Hualien, Taiwan. The highest were magnitude 5.

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake affected 43,000 people in Luntai, Xinjiang, China on 15 Jun. 2,400 buildings collapsed or damaged seriously.

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Baghlan, Afghan on 11 Jun. Landslides buried villages. At least 100 people were killed.

There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the boundary of Yulan and Sichuan on 25 Jun. 4 were killed. 71,000 were affected. The government launched a level 4 emergency response.
A 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Xinyuan, Xinjiang on 1 July made 27,000 people evacuated and 2,200 buildings collapsed. 34,000 buildings were damaged. 35 billion RMB were lost.

There was a flash flood right after the earthquake. Heavy rain continued for half an hour at noon on the day of the earthquake. Flash flood then occurred in a town in Xinyuan. Casualties increased to 155,000.

Not only that, massive animal deaths became worse after the transit of Venus on 6 Jun. Moreover, it is scary to see the extremely unusual disasters and changes in the environment and the climate.

200 tons of dead fishes were washed to the shore at one of the fishing port in Chiba, Japan on 6 Jun. Local fishers said they heard the fish one night before that but had never seen so many dead fishes.

Thousands of fishes died mysteriously in Imperia Lakes in Florida, U.S. on 6 Jun.

More than ten thousand carps were found dead in Blue Springs Lake in Missouri, U.S. on 7 Jun.

Massive animal death appeared in Coevorden, the Netherland on 8 Jun.

Massive fish bodies were discovered in Lake Manitoba in Canada on 17 Jun. Causes of death was still unknown.

Moreover, locusts invaded the Sacramento farm in California, U.S. in the beginning of Jun.

The plight was so astonishing. It was just like the disaster of locusts in Moses’ time when Planet X visited.

In fact, it is predicted in Revelation that in the last days, the disaster of locusts would immerge again.

Moreover, extremely unusual disasters and changes in the environment and the climate also occurred after the transit.

Victoria, Australia was raged by a 144 km per hour wind entrained 150 mm of rain. Highways were blocked. Meteorological data showed that the amount of rainfall exceeded 200 mm, equaled to that in 1.5 months in Victoria.

An extremely rare tornado immerged in Perth, Australia on 7 Jun. Many buildings and shops were destroyed.

A weird ice storm slammed Donegal, Ireland on 8 Jun. Heavy rainfall and flooding appeared in many places in that country. Residents said they had never seen such strange snow in June.

High temperatures were recorded in Taiwan on 10 Jun. Temperature in many places in Taiwan was as high as 35°C. Fohn wind appeared in Taiwan east. Four were killed because of high temperature.

After the earthquakes, torrential rains led to serious flooding in the south of Taiwan after 9 Jun. Roads subsided. Debris flow occurred.

The extremely strange Typhoon Talim formed in western Taiwan on 20 Jun. was mixed with an alarming 679 mm rainfall, hitting southern Taiwan.

The loss of agricultural facilities was up to NT 976.6 million dollars (HK$250 million) within 15 days under the attack of Talim.

Thunderstorm hit southern China. Landslides occurred in Guizhou and Hunan. At least 1.5 million people were affected. Over 700 million Yuan were lost directly.

Rainfall was especially severe in Jiangxi, causing heavy casualties. It’s the kind of rainfall that’s never been seen in a century.

The first tornado ever in 42 years happened in Venezia, Italy on 12 Jun.

Scary hail attacked Dallas, U.S. on 13 Jun. Baseball-like hail destroyed many vehicles and houses.

Cleveland volcano injected a few kilometers of volcanic ashes into the air on 19 Jun. This may affect flight safety. Authorities had enhanced the level of alertness.

Super Typhoon Guchol was the first typhoon in June in Japan in eight years. Wind coincided with tide. Sea water intruded the streets, leading to a large-scale blackout. 30,000 victims were evacuated. More than 400 flights were grounded.

North and South Korea were experiencing the worst drought in this century on 25 Jun. Soldiers in North Korea irrigated farmlands, while South Koreans protected endangered species. The UN said that two-third of the North Koreans faced food shortage. 20,000 were starved to death.

Landslides on Mount Elgon on the boundary of Uganda and Kenya killed about hundreds of people on 25 Jun. 11 villages were buried. 18 bodies were found. 450 were missing.

Typhoon Debby passed Florida, U.S. on 25 Jun., bringing rainstorms and tornadoes. 3 were killed. Many buildings were damaged. Typhoon Debby landed the Gulf of Mexico through Panhandle, creating 3 m waves and 600 mm rainfall. Authorities paid close attention to flood warnings in Florida. Houses were flooded completely and washed away many roads. Hundreds of thousands of residents experienced blackouts.

Torrential rain began on 25 Jun. in Fenghuang ancient city, Hunan. It lasted 12 hours. Toujiang River surged. The bridge above it was drowned. Many planks were washed away. Tuojiang rafting attractions stopped operation. All vessels were transferred elsewhere.

Local heavy rainfall hit Ningnan, Liangshan, Sichuan from 27 to 28 Jun. The 236 mm rainfall brought about debris flow in the upstream and confluence in the middle and lower streams. A three-storey residential building was destroyed, 38 missing, 3 killed.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in many places in China on 28 Jun. Authorities reported that 10 had died in Guangxi. 1.2 million people were affected. Flooding was most serious in Guilin, Guangxi. Tourism spots, Li River and the Elephant Trunk Hill, were closed temporarily.

Strangely, downpour and hail appeared together in Midwest and northern England on 29 Jun. Many vehicles were hit by golf-size hail and sunken. 10 flooding warnings were issued in the Midwest. The UK Met. Office stated that terribly, there were 153 lightning per minute.

Indeed, there are very unusual changes in the environment and the climate after the transit of Venus on 6 Jun. So many disasters have happened within 30 days.


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