Sunday, October 21, 2012

How will the Rise in Sea Level impact us?

On 18 March 2012, based on the “Webbot prediction” published on 29 January 2012, Pastor Wind shared the third point about the earth concerning the phenomenon produced by the change of sea level.

Founder of Webbot, Clif High has started to talk about this phenomenon in 1999 but mainstream media has been covering the truth with lies, however, it cannot no longer hide it in the future!

The 95th volume of “2012 The Glorious Hope” on 27 November 2011 has shared:

The nearing of Planet X towards the earth will cause solar wind to strike the earth, leading to an increase in the energy of the earth’s core and an expansion of the earth.

The expansion of the earth will lead to the skin effect on the earth’s surface. To put it simply, the skin effect is similar to the blowing of balloon. When the air pressure increases inside the balloon, the balloon’s skin will be thinned.

The entire earth’s crust is like a big plastic bag enclosing the earth, like a piece of skin. This skin-like crust is uneven; the higher places are lands while the lower are sea beds.

When the earth expands, the skin effect will thin the crust and sea beds will be pulled up by two sides. But the coastal areas will be pulled under the sea.

In addition, the increase of the core’s energy causes temperature rise on the earth and the melting of the northern and southern glaciers which increases the sea water volume and then sea level.

When such large volume of sea water flows into the earth’s largest Pacific plate, Pacific plate will sink due to the weight of water and phenomena like sinking, continuous flooding or the drowning of coastal land will occur in places and island areas along the plate boundaries.
In November 2011 last year, a report shows that America’s top climate scientists predicted that among the world’s 33 cities with population of 8 million,at least 20 coastal cities are threatened by the rise of water level, including Thailand’s Bangkok, China’s Shanghai and Tianjin, Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka, Bangladesh’s Dhaka, Argentina’s Buenos Aires, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, Egypt’s Alexandria and Cairo, India’s Mumbai and Calcutta, Indonesia’s Jakarta, and New York and Los Angeles and other cities of the United States.

According to the report of Singapore's "United Morning Post", by then, the coastal locations settled earliest by immigrants in the States, including Virginia, Jamestown colonial town, pier for immigrant landing in Florida will be submerged in the sea.
Famous locations like Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, New York of the states will also face submersion threat in the future.

And Venice, famous Italian city penned by Shakespeare and the "Pearl of the Adriatic", is also prone to disappearing in water. It is reported that the city of Venice was originally a place of swamp. Due to the rise of sea level caused by global warming coupled with the over-exploitation of groundwater, the ground continues sinking. Not only cities, countries also face the same crisis. Tuvalu, island country of the South Pacific, may become the first drowned country.

With the global rise of sea level, scientists predict that Maldives in the Indian Ocean, known as the "last paradise on earth", would disappear in the Indian Ocean.

On 9 March, 2012, it is reported that affected by climate change and sea level rise, Kiribati close to the equator, an Oceania country, and islands only a few feet away from the sea are vulnerable to drowning.

In addition, groundwater of some islands is contaminated by seawater intrusion.
The government recently spent $ 9.6 million to purchase an area of ​​nearly 4 million square meters of land in the Fiji Islands for the evacuation of one hundred three thousand nationals to Fiji when necessary.
Furthermore, due to melting glaciers and the gush of water from the earth’s center, fresh water flows into the sea. However, fresh water is lighter than salt water, thus, fresh water floats on the ocean's surface. Under solar heat, it is easier for fresh water to evaporate to become clouds than salt water. The volume of cloud greatly increases. Therefore, in recent years, heavy rain and snow storms and floods often appear suddenly all over the world.


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