Saturday, October 13, 2012

History & the bankers

Just as mentioned before, when the world is affected by the change of acoustic frequency, Freemasons can master the rhythm of the changes at the collapse of the old cycle and the birth of the new cycle in order to get the greatest benefit.

Apart from the rise of Japan and Manchu Revolution, at the beginning of the 20th century, the rapid changes in Germany and Russia were also led by Freemasons.

After the industrial revolution, weapons became more advanced and more powerful.
War no longer concerns the size of army but the money for buying weapon.
Therefore, to Freemason bankers, starting the war became the way to control the conflicts between nations and get the benefits from behind.
The longer they can maintain the unstable condition of the world, the longer they can receive the benefits.

Freemasons began to infiltrate Russia in 1773. On January 24, 1731, Freemasons appointed Captain John Phillips to be responsible for the Freemason development in Germany and Russia

However, Russia was still a monarchy and because of the decision of Tsar, Freemasons was sometimes supported and suppressed.
At the beginning of the 20th century, King Tsar was Nicholas II of Russia.

Although Russia was a traditional powerful European nation, Japan, with the help of Freemasons and after a few decades after the Meiji Restoration, triumphed over Russia in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War.

Also after WWI, Russia suffered the state of instability.

Therefore, on the verge of the collapse of old society, Alexander Kerensky, a Freemason member and a famous lawyer at that time, started the revolution in March, 1917 and overturned King Tsar and Marxism. He then became the prime minister of the provisional government.

However, in November that year, he was overturned by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, both a Marxist.
Kerensky was forced to flee and died in New York, America in 1970.
And Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia refused to bury him because of his Masonic identity.

They established Communist Soviet regime in March 1918.
However, it’s very strange that no one died and no armed conflicts were involved in this “October Revolution.”

Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky accepted the allowance from Germany, Japan, Rockefeller family and the banker Jacob Schiff for their revolution cause, including subsequent Joseph Jughashvili Stalin.

Pay attention to the photo, people hide the hand inside the overcoat and it’s one of the Masonic gesture.
They wrongly interpret the Book of Exodus, chapter 4 verse 6: “Put your hand inside your clothing.”

Others include: 

George Washington, the U.S. president:

Pierce, the U.S. president:

Barack, the U.S. president:

Johnson, the U.S. president:

Garfield, the U.S. president


The designer of Statue of Liberty, Bartholdi
Presidents of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia were also the members of Freemason.




In Germany, the Revolution cause of Hitler was also supported by Freemasons.
Hitler highly worshiped Satan.

The logo of Nazi came from a mysterious society called Thule Society.

Banker supporter of Hilter also includes Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company.

Standard oil by Rockefeller

Senator Prescott Bush, the father of Bush, the U.S. president

His corporation Brown Brothers Harriman & Co also supported Nazi.

When the U.S. joined WWII in 1942, Bush’s property in Union Bank Corporation was seized because of the “Trading With the Enemy Act.”

Freemasons use the formula of creating problems, interpreting problems and solving problems to control the public. From history, Freemasons used their extreme wealth to be the creator of historical events.

From the Jasmine Revolution to Occupy Wall Street, the world changes again this year.
Can Freemasons use the same trick to generate the New World Order in 2012 as planned through the collapse of the old order? Can the church take up the responsibility to fight against their plan?