Monday, October 8, 2012

Secrets in the names of the Space Shuttles

The U.S is the first country in the world to own space shuttles for actual operation. She is also the only country successful in carrying out the manned space shuttle mission with the biggest shuttle fleet.

There are six space shuttles that carried out space missions. They are:
1. Enterprise that carried out landing and other tests.

2. Columbia was the first space shuttle launched. Later, upon its return to earth, it exploded and disintegrated in the sky.

6. Space Shuttle Atlantis carried out the final space mission.

Although NASA is the world’s most advanced space agency, at the same time, it was also founded by a group of superstitious and evil former Nazi members and Freemason members.

For example, many of the names of the space missions of NASA were named after the gods of Greek, Roman and Egyptian myths and legends. For example, Apollo Mission is the exemplar.

Named after Greek mythology, Apollo Mission was the mission to the moon from 1960s to 1970s. Apollo 13 was one of the missions. Its name for the Lunar module was called Aquarius. Actually, number 13 and Aquarius are New Age’s favorite codes.

Interestingly, Apollo 13 once experienced a small explosion, stopping it from landing on the moon. And the time was actually 13:13 on April 13, 1970.
In the 11th volume of “2012 Glorious Hope Message” on the revelation of UFO about secrets of the Moon, Pastor Wind analyzed that Apollo Mission was a series of program of fake moon mission..

In fact, concerning this Apollo 13’s fake moon mission, why did number 13 frequently occur in both the name and time of incident?

Besides, if you use all the names of these six space shuttles to form a sentence, it is actually related to the mysticism of Nazism and Freemason!

This sentence is: "A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis and all Challengers shall be destroyed."

In fact, “Columbia” was the early name of the U.S., therefore the capital Washington was called “District of Columbia.” And the name of the Statue of Liberty was “Columbia.”

In the past 200 years, the U.S. was like an “enterprise” continuing to earn money for Freemason.

When Columbus discovered the New World, he was searching for “New Atlantis.” And the early name for the U.S. was called “Columbia,” which was named after its discover Columbus.

In fact, the Space Shuttle Atlantis has carried out the last mission of the Space Shuttle Mission which has already ended. Does this imply that their search for Atlantis is done successfully?

The explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger foreshadowed that a group of conspirators will completely destroy people against the New World Order.

At last, the Space Shuttle Columbia represents the U.S. itself. Upon its return to earth in 2003, it disintegrated in the sky.

Does this incident represent that when New World Order appears in 2012, the U.S. must disintegrate, just like the national emblem in the U.S. one dollar note representing that the New World Order will be resurrected from the ashes of the destruction of the U.S., just like phoenix being resurrected from the ashes?


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  2. Although American claims that they believe in God, they named the space missions of NASA after the gods of Greek, Roman and Egyptian myths and legends. Isn't it horrible?
    People should awake before the New World Order launched!

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