Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How was the mammoth frozen in Siberia?

Scientists believing in the evolution theory all think that the ecosystem has evolved gradually for billions of years. Mutation and great disasters, such as those caused by the collision of meteorites and the earth, only occur once every hundreds of millions of years. Also, living things have undergone millions of years of evolution in order to evolve or extinct.
As for the great flooding occurred thousands of years ago and the ten disasters brought about by Moses, scientists who believe in the theory of evolution think that those are myths and can’t be accepted. Because they think that these records are against the assumptions of evolution.

However, is evolution a fact? Does it align with the discoveries of archeology?

Siberia is covered by kilometers of ice constantly. There are more than 5,000,000 mammoths covered by the ice, frozen as they were with fur, skin, flesh and bones untouched. They were obviously frozen in a very short period of time. Maybe it’s even less than 15 minutes. This is just like how people in modern times froze fresh fish. The fishes’ flesh won't go bad if it’s under low temperature permanently. In fact, mammoths didn’t live in cold areas because even a common elephant needs 600 pounds of food a day.

And mammoths are several times bigger than elephants. It’s impossible for them to live in barren areas. The temperature in Siberia is too low to grow enough plants for them. According to studies, the organization of sweat glands of mammoths doesn’t allow them to live in cold areas.

It’s not only that the mammoths are perfectly frozen in the ice. Even the food in their mouth and stomach are still there. It only takes 15 minutes for mammoths to digest plants. And the food inside these mammoths’ mouths are plants that only grow in tropical and temperate zones.

What changes or disasters occurred at that time so that millions of mammoths were frozen instantly? And that disaster came so quickly that not even mammoths had a chance to escape?

Pastor Wind once explained that there was a great shift in the earth’s axis, instantly making the equator the north pole these days. So mammoths that lived in tropical areas are in the North Pole. Since the earth’s axis changed quickly, thousands of kilometers of tsunamis occur, drowning numerous mammoths to death. The temperature decreases immediately after the shift, burying these 5,000,000 mammoths under thick ice. There are millions of other tropical and temperate mammals accompanying the mammoths, say squirrels, rabbits, birds, swords, saber-toothed tiger, wolf, fox, lion, bears, tigers, rhinos, horses, camels, deer, cows and sheep.

It was Planet X that made the sudden change.

Planet X is huge and has a powerful magnetic field. The earth’s axis was pulled by it and caused an instant shift.


  1. Planet X is huge and has a powerful magnetic field. The earth’s axis was pulled by it and caused an instant shift.

    very useful information,thanks for sharing.

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  3. Agreed with above article. Planet X is really existing and approaching forward to The Earth indeed.