Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Latest Hurricane Sandy Satellite Photos

If you had any doubts about the scale of Frankenstorm Sandy, check out NASA's latest global Earth image to see its size compared to the entire planet. We are now updating this post with images, video and warnings from NASA, NOAA and other sources as they arrive.
Update 17: Latest update from the National Hurricane Center says the storm strength has increased. "The center is expected to landfall along or just south of southern New Jersey coast this evening or tonight."

New York is flooding already and the storm is NOT in full force yet. This one could really flood the subway system.

According to NOAA, "Sandy is expected to intensify as it interacts with an upper level system moving from the Great Lakes." The northeast region "may experience a widespread damaging storm, possibly of historic proportions".

The agency says "Sandy is expected to slam into the New Jersey coast later monday night, bringing heavy rain and damaging winds" to all areas. They warn that you shouldn't pay attention to the center of the storm, as all areas will have significant impact.

This is getting kind of scary—Sandy is hitting so hard that could really flood the New York City's subway system. Learn about it here

Parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens are already flooding and the storm isn't over the city in full force yet. That will happen around 4pm today. Take a look at these images, taken just a few minutes ago:

"The Hudson River has breached its banks 8.53 am" by Nigel Barker.

"East River rises above last two steps of Get Down, and approaches 3rd, at end of Wall Street"by Arturas Rosenbacher.

Here we are marooned in Red Hook, Brooklyn!!" by Greenpainting

The flooding in the Jamaica Bay, Queens neighborhood of Meadowmere. Courtesy of Kim Zatto, bait purveyor" by Corey Kilgannon.

Update 15: NASA's night shot, acquired by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi NPP satellite around 2:42am EDT.

Update 14: NPR just reported that Starbucks have closed all its locations in NYC. How's that for a disaster? They also say this may be the biggest storm ever in the region.

Update 13: If you think Sandy is going to be just another Irene fizzle, think again; this animated GIF shows just how much stronger Sandy is at this stage in the game. And it's only getting stronger.