Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fukushima government “Radiation test of beef overrides urine test of the children”

The Fukushima Prefectural Government drew up proceedings for a health research panel prior to a formal July 2011 meeting on nuclear radiation, deciding in advance what members should say. (cf.[Mainichi] Fukushima Prefecture prepared proceedings for nuke radiation meeting)

In the manual, they made this statement.

“Considering the potential spread of WBC (Whole body counter) and the fact that germanium semiconductor detector is in excessive demand such as for beef, it is impossible to replace WBC with urine test.”

WBC is the equipment to detect gamma ray from cesium taken in body. Because it lacks accuracy and requires the testee to stay still for long time, it is not suitable for children. Urine test with germanium semiconductor detector analyzes more accurately.

However, because they wanted to use germanium semiconductor detector for the radiation test of beef, they decided not to conduct urine test of the children.

Tokyo newspaper reported on 10/25/2012: