Saturday, October 20, 2012

History & the myths

The great floods occured in the time of Noah was recorded in many nations, not limited ancient china and those we’ve mentioned before. However, all of them were regarded as ancient ridiculous myths instead of historical facts.

For instance, Indian’s myths stated that Manu is the first mankind. He saved a fish. To reward Manu, the fish told him that there’d be a big flood. It asked him to build a big ship and put a pair of animals and seeds of all kinds into the ship. Then, Manu tied a rope from the ship to the fish. The fish swam onto the Himalayas.

For another example, In Toltec’s legend, the creator asked a man named Tapi to build a boat and take his wife and a pair of every kind of animals into the boat. Then, the rain started and the flood came. When the water retreated, Tapi sent a dove which didn’t return. So he knew that the earth had dried already.

Sumerian’s flood myth stated that god of sky Enki warned Ziusudra that gods will use floods to destroy all mankind. Enki instructed Ziusudra to build a big boat. The floods lasted for seven days. Ziusudra sacrificed a bull and a lamb after he left the boat.

Legends of Tribes Ojibwe in the Northern United States also recorded a disastrous flood. The creator, Gitchie Manido found that men and women didn’t respect each other and caused family disputes.Then he decided to cleanse the world with floods. Almost all living creatures died. Only a very small portion survived.

Tanzania myths mentioned river began flooding. God told two men to go into a ship with all sorts of seed and animals. Then, the flood rose, covering the mountains. Later, to check whether waters had dried up, the man sent out a dove, and it came back to the ship. He then sent out a hawk, which didn’t return. Therefore, the man confirmed the waters had dried.

Tribe Sacree in Alberta, Canada believed that the world was flooded, and one man and one woman survived on a rift on which they collected all kinds of animals and birds. The man sent a beaver diving to the bottom and it brought up a little mud. The man shaped this to form a new world.

The above proved that there was a flood in Noah’s times as written in the Bible. However, few thousands years past, the flood history similar to other ancient histories was regarded as legend in stead of historical facts in our time.