Sunday, October 14, 2012

8.9-magnitude Quake at Indonesia on April 11

In a sermon by Church of Zion taped on March 16 2012 and broadcasted on April 8 2012,  Pastor Wind said that the mysterious Planet X is approaching the Earth in its parabolic orbit. Once it aligns with the Earth and the Sun, the Earth will suffer huge earthquakes.

Interestingly, the quakes at Chile on Feb. 27, 2010, Christchurch on Sept. 4, 2010 and Japan on March 11, 2011 were all characterized by a 188-day cycle that separated the three events.

And based on this rule, the next day would be March 22, 2012.

But Pastor Wind noted that Planet X’s movement would be distorted by the Sun’s gravity. Its alignment with the Sun and the ensuing earthquakes would therefore come later than expected.

And three days after that sermon, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra on April 11. A tsunami warning was issued.

This echoed Pastor Wind’s forecast that Planet X would make a turn as it approached the Sun, and the next earthquake would happen only after March 22!

In that sermon, Pastor Wind also recalled that during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, some villagers were able to survive the disaster because they understood a tsunami was forming when they saw the sea water retreat after the quake.

And after the April 8 sermon, the same thing happened again in the coastal cities in Indonesia and southern Thailand. Residents rushed towards high ground for safety after the tremor.