Saturday, May 25, 2013

Will there be a significant earth event within the next two weeks and if so, what might it be? - Wren's Day with Tarot

Via Wren's Day with Tarot, 22 May 2013

Go away for a few days, come back, log on and oh my!!
Not sure if U.S. weather can get more ugly although some say that geo-engineering has NOT reached its potential, if you get my drift.
I had to look up Kamchatka on a map.

We are NOT out of the woods yet. There is nearly another two weeks of impending potential disasters.

Is it possible that we cannot ever predict anything with accuracy because the universe never gives you exactly what you think will happen, but a variation that you never expected. Moreover, perhaps precisely because you look to one thing you become blind to another. Hummm, what do you think?

Will there be a significant earth event within the next two weeks and if so, what might it be?

The center/focus card is a Major Arcana, Balance (R); clearly out of balance. To the left is another Major Arcana, Stag. The Universe is in all of us and therefore we are subject to its laws and actions. We must face with purpose and strength whatever imbalance that is about to arrive. To the right is the Ace of Arrows, The Breath of Life reset which indicates something rising up from the ground and it is all headed toward the Page of Vessels, Otter attentively watching the swift flowing river for something coming from upstream.

It hardly matters what draw I make, the cards, although pointing to different scenarios are all pointing to basically the same thing; some catastrophe followed by a reset.


Climate Risk Scientist, Doctor Simon Atkins has raised the probability percentage of a tsunami related event occurring in the North Atlantic from 26% to 38% overnight, because of recent events. 38% isn't a very big percentage. I'm thinking Iceland.

Earthquakes around the NA Craton for seven days up to May 21 -

fracking dormant volcanic earthquakes may 21 2013

Bomb Shelter Boom Sees Underground Pools, Basketball Courts

I wasn't able to find any crop circles listed for May 2013.


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