Thursday, May 16, 2013

Earth change event predicted in the Atlantic Ocean, 22 May 2013, by Doctor Simon Atkins - More Global Coastal Event validation


I have stumbled upon another source which validates something similar to the Global Coastal Event as predicted by Clif High via the webbot and which is seen from a number of other sources such as the Farsight Institute climate change remote viewing study, conducted by Courtney Brown.

The prediction is based around an ocean type of event, possibly related to an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption, in the Atlantic with the possibility of similar smaller scale 'ocean' events in the Pacific, Indian and South Atlantics oceans. The date predicted for this event is around the 22nd of May, this month.

Doctor Simon Atkins from Advanced Forecasting Corporation is the person behind this prediction. Simon Atkins has a team of people within his organisation.

This organisation is basically a data forecasting and planetary risk management company. They predict weather, climate change, earth shifts in relation to such events as volcanoes, earthquakes, sink holes, solar flares, cosmic rays, etc.

Simon Atkins started off studying back in the 90's with a Bachelor of Atmospheric Science and went on to complete two Doctorate degrees, one in India and one in the USA. One of these is based on energetics and natural medicine and the other on planetary electro magnetics.

Their company generates their information through a number of scientific methods. One example would be genetic algorithms, which essentially learn from their mistakes from the information being entered by humans. Another would be through neural network black box's, with information being entered based around such data as electromagnetic information from the sun, solar flares, the temperatures of the stratosphere and other parameters that all go to help explain the mechanics and the future of the weather.

With regards to this global coastal event type prediction, Doctor Simon Atkins has mentioned that the systems used to predict this is a combination of technology and science, but also clairvoyance and remote sensing. Doctor Simon Atkins has said that electromagnetic ionic interface will pull a 'light wave' into the north Atlantic. He explains that there are secondary, tertiary and quaternary effects / impacts and the focus wont just be in the North Atlantic.

He says that "lighter" force fields are in other areas, such as the the Pacific, Indian and South Atlantic Oceans. In his analysis, he said he concentrated on the main force because it is hundreds of times larger in the North Atlantic compared to elsewhere. Simon Atkins says that where they see the most social / economic shift is on the U.S. East Coast, then secondly in Europe. Further analysis shows that it appears the light wave will be hitting opposite to the Earth's spin, which would mean that the forced ocean event would push toward the USA and Central America.

Doctor Simon Atkins was interviewed on the G2 files on November 19, 2012 by Neil Bigelow. He discusses this prediction I have mentioned above. The interview can be downloaded by the link below (right click, save as),

I am going to summarise the above interview below for additional details on this forecast.

Simon has explained that his company does not get any funding from Government and he has no concern over loosing his job, as its his company, and therefore he is very blunt about the way he provides certain information.

He speaks of the NASA video a few years back, from the Director, warning the employees of NASA and the families to be prepared for a coming celestial event. Simon Atkins then speaks of the solar maximum coming in 2013 and through plotting and going over old data, he is able to predict when its going to be the most active and he is expecting some very high activity at certain points in time.

Simon Atkins mentions that these events, where the suns activity is very high, such as many large solar flares like we have seen over the past two days, effects our consciousness and 'herd mentality'. Basically what I think he means is that people may act strange or different during this time, but it may also affect our spirituality in a sense, from a consciousness viewpoint.

Simon Atkins says that the sun affects social chaos, the markets, group mentality and more.

Simon Atkins says through the laws of attraction, in relation to electromagnetics we should never think in fear as we create what we think. We are what we think he says. He says that its important they we think in 'love' energy, thinking positivity as this does make a difference.

Simon Atkins says that between the end of March 2013 and beginning of April 2013, there will be a strong cosmic/solar earth planetary event, which starts beyond the Sun. Simon references the book, 'The Universe in a Nutshell' where Stephen Hawking explains 14 different dimensions. Simon says we need to think of the source of this energy to be based around how dimensions work.

(Note that the date has been revised since that interview to the 22nd of May 2013)

He says we will see a huge surge in energy coming in a form, that is not necessarily visible but should be felt.

What is the impact? Through science and introductory remote viewing, what is seen is a a wall of water coming across the Atlantic Ocean at this time. Between Iceland, St Louis and the Canary Islands they are seeing a very high electromagnetic triangulated event

(I quickly made this up)

What they saw is a wall of water about 40 feet high moving 200 kmh towards the east coast of the United states, around the 22nd of May, 2013.

Neil Bigelow mentions the Farsight Institute remote viewing study which shows something similar by June 1st. Simon doesn't respond to that specifically, but then mentions that if enough people believe in correcting, or altering or cancelling this event, we can actually change the course of the future. He doesn't believe that its a definite event.

Simon Atkins says that the US Government knows this is coming. He speaks of how military bases have been moved further inland in the US.

Discussion goes into prepping about 23 minutes into this 1 hour interview, which I won't cover, as most of you are already aware of this sort of thing by now, if you have been following my blog. (The interview is 2 hours, but Simon Atkins is only on it for about an hour)

So there we go. It is very interesting that the focus is being put on the Atlantic Occean, where the Farsight remote viewing study and the webbot shows it being more of a Global event. However, as I said before I started covering this interview, Simon Atkins does mention that its possible something occurs in other parts of the world. I picked up this information from another site where he answered someone's email around the event.


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