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A recap on current events - Doctor Simon Atkins, Global Coastal Event, increase in space rocks, lakes in the sky, Volcanic activity and more


I wanted to do a quick look back over the past week in regards to the posts I have made and I will also mention a few other things.

There have now been three bridges down in the US over the past 8 days or so. The webbot predicted bridges going down during the Global Coastal Event, but we all assumed it would relate to Earthquake activity and bridges in a thousand mile radius. Of course, that may still come, but I find it fascinating that all of a sudden, three bridges have collapsed for various reason.

Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River collapses in Washington State
Bridges Collapse: Texas & Washinton

Climate risk Scientist, Doctor Simon Atkins is on Twitter if you want to keep up to date with his latest news. (@DrSimonAtkins) I also mentioned briefly in a previous post that I have joined up to twitter. You can follow by clicking on this button.   

As of 18 hours ago, within the Advanced Forecasting Corporations USA Meteorologist Intelligence Report, I can see that the Atlantic Tsunami Risk is sitting at 81%. The main factor behind this calculation right now is the ongoing solar storms impacting the Earth. See this post for my last update and links to previous updates in relation to Doctor Simon Atkins.

On top of that, the Earth has additional space rocks whizzing past which can impact the energetic fields of the Earth. On May the 31st, a 1.7 mile asteroid flies past Earth at a distance of 3.6 million miles. Yes, that's a long way out, but this space rock is huge. - '1998 QE2: Massive Asteroid to make 'Royal' flyby' Also see, 'Major Meteor sightings around the World: Ireland, Canada, Australia'

There have been reports on engine fires in Aircraft's while flying, there was the 8.2 Earthquake in eastern Russia, power poles have caught fire in San Francisco and a number of other events over the last week. We also now have a story out about, 'US weather satellite GOES-13 is ... broken'

perfect smoke ring from etna

Extreme rain (aka lakes in the sky) has been hitting many parts of the World from Norway to San Antonio in the USA. 

The Oklahoma category four tornado caused major destruction and a large water spout passed close to the Obninsk nuclear power plant in Russia.

Volcanoes are erupting in a more intense fashion in this Month of May. While we broke the yearly average for the amount of volcanic eruptions earlier in the year, we are getting some strange events happening that scientists can not explain.

View of the Copahue volcano spewing ash


The 8.2 earthquake that hit eastern Russia may be the deepest earthquake that has ever hit the World, that we know of. What does this mean? Well, I think it obviously must relate to the goings on with the Global Coastal Event and what my come soon. 

Having a weather title with 'confused weather' is a bit confusing, but fits in exactly on time with the predictions from the webbot. 

Strange earthquake activity started to occur in California. - 'Northern California quake is a curiosity for seismologists' As well as that, there is evidence there showing a volcanic eruption may be on the way. - 'Possible Volcanic eruption luming in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California'

Adding to that story above, Steve Quayle said something a bit 'out there' about 'VIP's leaving California because of an insider knowing about a large quake coming. - 'Suspected plate fracture in California/ Oregon, USA : Insiders reportedly evacuating West Coast Cities'

I like to keep my eye on strange goings on, such as this story, 'Russia evacuates drifting Arctic research station'

Energies from space have been causing a number of people around the world to make some really weird decisions, from violent crime (the machete 'event' in the UK) to a rise in sex related attacks, not only in the USA but I noticed stories popping up here in Australia. Here is a story as a result of the machete attack in the UK, 'Riots in Bristol, UK' On top of that, we have hostages being taken because of power outages in India, 'Blistering heat wave leads to violent protests in India'

I'm just throwing in this picture of the day from NASA as I love it..

This may not seem important but the H7N9 is now passing from human to human. This is not really good... 

I'm going to assume that millions of people saw this announcement by NBC news to stock up on canned goods because of Asteroid 1998 QE2, 'NBC News: “Stock up on canned goods"' Don't you think thats a bit strange? Well, the webbot predicted such stories would come out before the Global Coastal Event... add Doctor Simon Atkins announcement about his companies forecasted Atlantic Event on Fox news, to that. Ten million viewers were estimated to have seen that broadcast.

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