Monday, May 27, 2013

Asteroid 2013 KB - Possible Earth impact


Thanks to Jakub for the info. This Asteroid was discovered roughly days ago now by NASA. ChannelOutrDemnDarknes on YouTube has posted a 10 minute video explaining all the details about this discovery and demonstrates the website,, which lets you see the orbit of Asteorid 2013 KB.

What makes this discovery so important? OutrDemnDarknes demonstrates on the video that this Asteroid comes very close to Earth around the 22nd of May, 2013 (US I assume). Once Asteroid 2013 KB does reach this location, 0.008 AU (Astronomical Units), it sits around this exact distance for about 24 hours before moving on.

The NASA Condition code is sitting at 8. The ranking here is that 0 is good, and 9 is very uncertain as in the actual path of the object. What this means is that NASA simply doesn't have much confidence from the data they have, in relation to the orbital approach and path of this Asteroid.

The size of this Asteroid is also not known yet.

On top of this, the presenter clearly shows that there has been an increase over the Month of May, in the number of objects heading towards Earth. This has been predicted by the Webbot and Courtney Browns Farsight climate change remote viewing study. Remember that object that hit the Moon yesterday? That is more proof that there is an increase.

Also note that Clif High has seen a meteorite impact on Earth in a recent IDIR, which may cause injuries and damage.

The video is below.