Saturday, April 20, 2013


(April 7)  They seem to be everywhere. A neighborhood in Ohio. A road in Kentucky. A beach in New Jersey. There seems to be reports of a new sinkhole come each week. Last month in Florida a sinkhole swallowed a man in his bedroom. Since then we’ve heard similar horror stories – a golfer barely survives when the course opened up beneath him in Illinois; more than 300 people in Louisiana evacuated after the earth crumbled there. So are there more sinkholes are just more headlines about them?

In Florida, sinkhole related claims more than double from 2006 from 2009 . It is now the only state that requires catastrophic ground collapse coverage. It may be that they are having a rash of sinkholes in particular as a result of the drought that’s been going on. The state’s unique limestone bedrock is prone to collapse due to a shift in deep underground rivers. Too much rainfall can help develop more of the limestone and create some of the pockets that allow for sinkholes, but too little rainfall depressurizes causing sinkholes as well. We’re coming off of a dry winter – an unusually drier winter, now the rains are starting to come so between now and July there is a chance there may be more sinkhole activity. (Source)

It is more like a new sinkhole every day and a global epidemic with both China and Russia also in the news lately. Those who have been paying attention would know that it doesn’t just happen suddenly – this topic has been largely ignored by MSM until recently. The record drought is just one of the many factors and soon the media will no longer have answers for these increasingly occurring sinkholes.

(April 5) Thousands of fish and marine animals are dying along South Australia’s metropolitan coast. (Source) Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society managing director Mike Bossley said he had never seen such a large number of fish, dolphin and penguin deaths in that Country. Experts believe that algal blooms and high temperatures caused mass deaths over the past month. (Source)
But it’s not just happening in South Australia. In February, thousands of fish mysteriously washed up on the shores of Burrinjuck Dam, north-west of Canberra, New South Wales. Authorities said the cause of the fish kill – including sizes ranging from five to 80 centimetres – was unclear. (Source)
Also in February, thousands of fish were found dead in the Serpentine River in Western Australia. Reduced rainfall and the increase in algal blooms were thought to be the cause. (Source)

Like sinkholes, this is a global trend. Here are the headlines from around the world for the first three months of 2013:

Chile – Just over a week ago, millions of small prawns became stranded on a beach in southern Chile, in the Coronel area, carpeting a three-kilometre strand in red.
Brazil – Last month, more than 65 tonnes of dead fish washed up on Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic rowing venue after rotting plant life reportedly caused water oxygen levels to drop.
Peru – In January, dozens of dead marine species washed up on Peruvian beaches. Almost 100 sea creatures and birds washed up on the coastline, including 18 turtles, 22 sea lions, 16 angular roughsharks, eight dolphins and 22 marine birds. They were discovered along 120km of coastline.
U.S. – Tens of thousands of dead fish also washed ashore on a South Carolina beach in the US in January. Up to 40,000 fish reportedly washed ashore along a stretch of beach from Georgetown County to Pawleys Island.
Those who have been following this end times sign for the past 2 years know that this phenomenon did not simply go away but is becoming so glaring that MSM can no longer ignore it. What is ahead? Please read our posts.


  1. These abnormal incidents seem to be normal now, as they happen everyday and every where, are these the sign telling us now is the end time? This is what we should bear in mind! Thanks for sharing which let us be awaken and aware to our earth!!