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Updated on March 26
(March 26) ANOTHER sinkhole has appeared under a road in the Ipswich CBD in Brisbane, Australia. The hole is only about 40cm wide at the top but opens significantly under the road surface. Ipswich has been beset by a series of sinkholes in recent years. (Source)
(March 25) Lake Ozark city crews in Springfield, Missouri, are trying to figure out what caused a sinkhole to open up in the middle of a road. The sinkhole is seven feet long, nine feet wide and two feet deep. (Source)
(March 25) The left front tire of a truck sank when the ground in the backyard of a family in Tombstone, Arizona, collapsed under the weight of the vehicle . (Source)
(March 24) Many Hurricane Sandy victims have unearthed sinkholes in the home rebuilding process. A sinkhole is pictured in an Oakwood Beach resident’s concrete slab. (Source)
(March 23) A sinkhole forced the evacuation of two homes less than two miles away from where a man died in a sinkhole three weeks ago. The hole was approximately 8 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. This is the third sinkhole in that area since the tragedy. (Source)
(March 23) The sinkhole along Woodlands Road leading to Upper Bukit Timah in Singapore was caused by excavation works. (Source)
(March 22) A sinkhole consumed a portion of the Joseph Centeno Aquatic Center in Santa Maria, California in October, and engineers still haven’t been able to find out what caused it and what can be done about it. (Source)
(March 22) A man was nearly swallowed by a 6-foot-deep hole as he was gardening at his home near Perris in Riverside, California. (Source)
(March 22) All work has been ceased at the massive 13-acre Bayou Corne sinkhole after monitoring systems detected tremors Friday morning. (Source)
springtownsinkhole(March 20) A newly formed nine-foot hole in the ground is causing controversy in the City of Springtown in Arkansas. (Source)
(March 20) A large sinkhole about 10 feet deep has closed a section of downtown Toronto in Canada. (Source)
(March 20) The large sinkhole in Caldwell County, Kentucky requires more than 40 tons of rock to fill. (Source)
(March 19) A local woman is on the mend after being sucked into a sinkhole in Newport Station in Windsor, Canada. She slipped in the sinkhole under the road and was completely down below the road level. (Source)
(March 19) Sinkholes in Leavenworth, Kentucky are rare and you could go years without seeing one, but in recent days two popped up in close proximity, and that has neighbors concerned. One of those sinkholes appeared in an alley between Ninth and 10th streets near Kiowa Street. It is about 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide, not enough to swallow someone but enough to cause serious injury. (Source)
(March 18) A large sinkhole in the yard in Clanton, Alabama measures 8 feet deep but could extend to 12 feet or more in areas underground. (Source)
(March 19) A Newcastle, California, man says the manmade pond on his property fell into a sinkhole that sucked it up in a matter of hours. The speed at which the underground cavity devoured the pond was staggering. (Source)
(March 19) Barricades have been placed around a sinkhole that developed in downtown Champaign, Illinois. The sinkhole is 3 feet wide and 4 feet deep. (Source)
(March 19) There are fears a sinkhole is expanding just north of downtown San Antonio, Texas. Police showed up to block off the area and since then the hole has expanded to about two feet wide. (Source)
(March 17) A sinkhole big enough to swallow a Volkswagen opened up on Lincoln Street in Maine. The hole is about three feet deep and eight feet long. (Source)
(March 16) A SINKHOLE caused by a burst water main near popular Fringe venues in Adelaide, Australia. (Source)
(March 15) A truck driver in China found himself in a precarious situation after his vehicle was swallowed up by the ground in the latest sinkhole incident. A giant 30ft deep and 20ft wide hole opened up beneath the man who was passing through Kunming, Yunnan province at the time. (Source)
(March 14) A sinkhole opened up when a sewer link broke in southwest Portland, Oregon. A garbage truck had just driven over the street when the sinkhole opened up. (Source)
(March 14) A SINKHOLE OPENED up in an a housing estate in Carrigaline, Cork in Ireland earlier this week. (Source)
(March 13) A 15-foot deep sinkhole that opened on the sidewalk near the intersection of Beech Street and Resnic Boulevard in Holyoke, Massachusetts has since been stabilized and does not pose any danger to the public. (Source)
(March 13) A big sinkhole opened up Wednesday morning on the South Side in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is an on-going problem in that neighborhood. (Source)
(March 13) A gaping hole opened up in the middle of the road over-night in Ocean Shores in New South Wales, Australia. The hole measures about 90cm long and 40cm wide and is at least two metres deep. But it could stretch on much deeper as it appears to turn the corner underground in soft clay. (Source)
(March 12) There’s a sinkhole that just opened up in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington D.C. The opening is small now, but could get bigger. Fire officials said the sinkhole is affecting what looks like a waterpipe that may be in the process of collapsing. (Source)
(March 12) A broken water main created a sinkhole at a major intersection in Corona, California. (Source)
(March 12)The Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Illinois is still open for business after a sinkhole on Friday swallowed a player as he stood on the 14th fairway. He was waiting for his next shot when the ground gave way below his feet and swallowed him up. The next thing the golfer knew was that he was at the bottom of an 15-foot-deep, 10-foot-wide pit with a separated shoulder. (Source)
(March 12) A water line break flushed out a 20-foot wide, 15-foot-deep sinkhole in Havelock, North Carolina. (Source)
(March 10) A family in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania evacuates home after giant sinkhole forms. A hole, estimated it’s 25 to 30 feet wide and 10 to 12 feet deep, opened behind 1502 Second St. Township. (Source)
(March 10) A resident in Louisville, Kentucky is forced to move because of sinkhole. Two concrete slabs in the garage of his Buechel home are about to fall into the ground. (Source)
(March 10) A woman got car stuck in three foot sinkhole in Boston. She suffered neck and back pain and was transported to Carney Hospital. (Source)
(March 8) There is what was thought to be a sinkhole near the Dormont pool in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it is growing larger. At first, an underground container the size of a mobile home collapsed and swallowed part of the parking lot. Now, two more concrete boxes have been discovered. (Source)
(March 8) A large sinkhole and street closure in the downtown area in San Diego may cause problems for commuters Friday morning. (Source)
(March 8) A family in Weeki Wachee , Florida, has been dealing with a sinkhole under the bedroom for more than a year and a half. The hole just keeps getting bigger and there are cracks in every room. (Source)
(March 8) A 15 foot deep sinkhole appears on street in Kansas City, Missouri. (Source)
(March 8) Road construction workers in a race against time to repair a large sinkhole that has caused traffic snarl-ups on the road between Umdloti and Umhlanga, two of KwaZulu-Natal’s popular tourist destinations in South Africa. (Source)
(March 8) Guanhui, China
(March 5) City officials Monday were investigating the possibility that another sinkhole is beginning to open up next to one that appeared last April on Washington Avenue in Kingston, New York. (Source)
singaporesinkhole(March 5) A 2m-wide sinkhole was seen on Clementi Road near the National University of Singapore yesterday afternoon. A motorcyclist almost fell in, swerving away just in time and was sent to hospital in an ambulance. (Source)
(March 5) A sinkhole opened beneath a Spring Valley road in San Diego, California, when a burst water pipe flooded the street and buried the front wheel of a parked car. (Source)
(March 4) A second sinkhole opened up Monday afternoon about three miles from a sinkhole that formed beneath a home last week, swallowing a man who is presumed dead. The family who resides in the home was there when the sinkhole opened. They told ABC Action News they lived in the home almost two years but now want to move. (Source)
(March 4) Demolition crews resumed work on Monday at a Tampa-area home where a sinkhole opened last week underneath a bedroom, swallowing a man asleep in his bed. Action Air 1 over the scene of the Seffner sinkhole gives us first look at the massive hole. (Source)
(March 4) A 16-foot-deep sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of the Sizzler restaurant on Newmark Avenue in North Bend, Oregon. A garbage truck that had been driving through the parking lot was partially swallowed and had to be towed. (Source)
(March 4) A Oliver Hodge says a pond on his property in Bleckley County, Georgia, disappeared overnight because of a sinkhole. He and his wife heard the ground giving way on his farm just a few yards from his home. Hodge says it sounded like thunder or a freight train and the pond was nearly drained in about 30 minutes. (Source)
(March 4) A sinkhole has appeared about two feet from Highway 66 west of Galena, Kansas prompting authorities to block one lane of traffic on Monday. Officials say it’s 10 feet by 12 feet across and about 14 feet deep. (Source)
(March 4) A sinkhole more than 10m wide has opened up near Gayndah in Queensland, Australia. Gayndah recorded more than 105mm of rainfall on the weekend, and the soaked ground just could not take any more. (Source)
(March 2) A sinkhole was discovered Friday in the Largo Mall parking lot in Largo, Florida. The sinkhole was about 10 feet long and several feet wide. No one was injured or fell in. (Source)
(March 1) Beijing, China
(March 1) Shandong, China
(March 1) A Florida man who was in his bedroom late Thursday night is presumed dead, swallowed by a sinkhole that opened beneath his Tampa-area home. The man, identified as Jeff Bush, 36, was in his bedroom when the sinkhole opened up. Bush screamed for help, but by the time his relatives could come to his aid, he had fallen through the abyss. The death is believed to be the first attributed to a sinkhole in Hillsborough County. Nearby homes have been evacuated as a precaution. (Source) The sinkhole is described as a chasm and the earth below the house is said to be a “very large, very fluid mass.” (Source)


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