Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ATTENTION: 3 markers before GCE

Hi friends,

You can make a difference between life and death NOW!

Web Bot, an Internet Bot computer programme which anticipates future events, has predicted that a “Global Coastal Event” will occur due to an incoming object from outside our solar system in April 2013, resulting in a 1.289+ billion mega-death.

3 important markers will be seen just before GCE happens. Pay attention to recent news especially looking for these 3 markers:

1. Total collapse of the US dollar
2. Skyrocketing silver price
3. Breaking out of World War III


I hope not to see these disasters. BUT if they come true and you just ignore my warning now, things will just go so wrong within a second and you will not be able to protect anything or anyone you treasure…Get away from coastal areas and go inland to save yourself and your loved ones when things come into being!

Time now to prepare for the catastrophic coastal event before it’s too late!

Accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour!

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  1. Let's wait and see the markers

  2. I totally agree.Now,it is time to accept Jesus Christ as your saviour.

  3. Accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour!!!

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