Friday, April 19, 2013


Updated on April 10
(April 11) A large sinkhole opened up on Bay Avenue, in Ocean City, South Jersey, causing a possible gas leak. (Source)
sinkhole-collapse-central russia
(April 10) A sinkhole measuring nearly 85 meters wide and 15 meters deep engulfed three houses in a town outside Russia’s fifth-largest city Nizhny Novgorod as some residents of the small village were slumbering. (Source)
(April 10) Heavy rains are the most probably cause of a 100-metre deep sink hole that appeared near Marvão in Upper Alentejo in Portugal on Tuesday evening. (Source)
(April 9) A West Knoxville teacher may be forced into bankruptcy because of a sinkhole in her yard. What you can see on the surface, a six foot by six foot hole, is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s what you don’t see below Debra Petersen’s home in Tennessee that’s causing one side to sink slowly into the ground. (Source)
(April 9) Citizens of Samara live in daily fear of the ground disappearing beneath them. Dozens of holes have sprung up across the city in recent weeks. The sinkholes have left a trail of devastation and reportedly claimed one life. They may look like stills from an apocalyptic horror film, but these images have become a daily reality for residents in a Russian city. (Source)
(April 8) A homeowner in Dodge County, Georgia, is concerned about his safety after another sinkhole forms in the middle of his pond sucking down the water and dirt. (Source)
(April 8) A man in Bleckley County, Georgia said a sinkhole that swallowed a pond on his property is now big enough to put a whole house in. The hole measures about 90 feet across and could be as deep as 50 feet. (Source)
(April 8) A large sinkhole has led to the closure of 8th Street between 5th and 6th avenues in downtown Huntington, West Virginia. (Source)
(April 6) Public works are investigating how a four-foot hole appeared in the pavement of a Highlands neighborhood street in Denver, Colorado. (Source)
(April 5) Could long cracks on a street in Bermuda Dunes in California cause a sinkhole? (Source)
(April 5) There are two crevices slowly expanding on each side of the street at the intersection of Riverwood Drive and Arbor Drive in Cottonwood subdivision in Franklin, Tennessee. (Source)
(April 4) A water main break caused a sink hole and flooding in Lighthouse Point, Florida. (Source)
(April 4) Officials say explosive concentrations of gas have been found in soil underneath two homes and a shed in the Bayou Corne community near a large sinkhole. (Source)
(April 4) Another sinkhole in Hillsborough County, Florida. A Ruskin family with children was forced to evacuate to a friend’s home after a sinkhole opened up behind their home.  (Source)
(April 4) A sinkhole appeared three weeks ago along Bagley in the alley next to the popular Mexican Village restaurant in Detroit. The hole is more than a foot wide and about 15 feet deep. (Source)
(April 4) A Bank of America branch in Georgetown, South Carolina, damaged by a sinkhole almost a year-and-a-half ago is closing its doors. (Source)
(April 4) A section of Northwood Avenue in Palmer Township in Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania, will be closed for several days due to sinkhole repairs. (Source)
(April 3) Sinkhole-plagued neighbors in Palmyra Pennsylvania, seek county’s help. (Source)
(April 3) A sinkhole at Woodlands West Apartment complex in Knoxville, Tennessee, has some residents concerned after a portion of a truck fell through the pavement. (Source)
(April 2) On Tuesday, officials in Hillsborough County released a video that shows the massive size of the deadly Florida sinkhole. The video shows the 60-foot-deep pit in the middle of the room where Jeff Bush was sleeping when the ground opened. A contractor took the video before the Seffner, Florida home was leveled by maneuvering a long pole equipped with a camera through the window of the bedroom. (Source)
(April 2) Road crews said no one was harmed when a sinkhole opened up in 1600 of Villa Avenue in Sioux City, Iowa. Water breaks in the area reported in early February had caused lots of undermining and damage to the streets, which crews believe is what caused the sink hole to appear. (Source)
(April 2) A sink hole in south Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, created quite the scare for one man. The rear of his truck fell into a hole. (Source)


  1. sink hole appeared overall the world now...

  2. Not just an accident, who know the truth?

  3. there are almost at least a sink hole per day!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. thoose sink hole are telling us there will have a disaster...

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