Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Call Before the Collapse. Some Must Do Things to Protect Yourself

The economy is on it's last legs despite what the media portrays.  No matter where you look we are heading into the most desperate times.  All governments are strapped for cash, and even though they can print all they need, that too has consequences and creates more problems than it solves.   Here are some of the reasons that a collapse could happen at any time.

"The blueprint for what is happening today was foretold in a speech given by Ben Bernanke to the National Economists Club, Washington, D.C. November 21, 2002. There was 5 main points to take from the speech. The first 4 have already happened, the last was if the other 4 didn’t work Bernanke would devalue the US Dollar."  Read the full report Here.

This is the next step.  Japan recently accelerated the currency war with their massive money printing and the EU and the Fed are not far behind.   Currency wars always result in devaluation as it becomes a race to the bottom.  Venezuela and a few other countries have already devalued their money and more will follow.

The US dollar is quickly losing it's world reserve status.  Many countries are making pacts with each other to trade in their own currencies and by pass the dollar.  This will have devastating effects on the economy.  According to Money News "The greenback is declining as a percentage of the world’s currency supply. Compared with its peers, it has dropped to a 15-year low, as nations show a willingness to use other currencies to conduct business, according to the International Monetary Fund.  The dollar’s share of global money supply has plunged from nearly 90 percent in 1952 to approximately 15 percent. Bove stated that “the Chinese yuan, the yen and the euro each have a greater share of that total,” according CNBC.  “To the degree that China succeeds in increasing its market share of the world’s currency market, the United States is the loser,” Bove said. “For years, I have been arguing that the move of the Chinese makes perfect sense from their point of view but no sense for the Americans.”  Read the full article Here.

And then there is Cyprus.  This event shocked the world and set a new precedent.  Now no bank accounts are safe anymore.  It's only a matter of time before this happens again.  As I said, governments are DESPERATE.  They will do anything they have to do to get money and if that means stealing pensions or deposits, they will do it.  How would you like to check your bank account on Monday morning and find that you only have half as much in it.  Think this can't happen?  

Lindsay Williams who had contact with the elite for several years was told many things that would happen.  Here are some of them.   "Gold and silver are the money of the elite."  "Anything you hold in paper you will lose"  "When they begin buying their own debt, it's all over"  Have we seen these things happen yet?   Well, the central banks around the world have increased their purchase of gold and silver substantially recently.  Pensions are in danger of being seized, deposits have been taken, and more of the same is in the works.  And the Fed is buying the US debt through QE3.  

Much more can be said about this, but even taking these examples it's indicative of what is coming.  And as someone said "It's better to be a year too early than a day too late".  So what do we need to do to protect ourselves?  Get ready for the worse and hope for the best.  Instead of keeping all of one's money in one bank, open several bank accounts.  Buy a lock box and keep cash at home.  It's a lot easier to deposit it back into the bank than to take it out.  Buy some gold and silver.  Store up some extra food and water.  Get out of debt.  Stay informed, on the internet, not from TV news.  And most important of all, believe in Jesus Christ as your saviour. God Bless You All.


  1. Some Must Do Things to Protect Ourselves

  2. the thing (which is the most important) is to believe in GOD!

  3. yes, i could not agree with you more about that we should get ready for the worse and hope for the best.  
    fulfill our responsibilities and believe in God.

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