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Overview of Earth Change during December, 2012

I gathered the items about Earth Change during December, 2012 from the blogs posted in this ning and the comments on frequently updated blogs, Unusual Weather, Wobble (Earth Wobble Watch), Sinkhole Incidents(Sinkhole Incidents On the Rise), and Volcanic activity (Volcano Watch). 
Antarctica: Warm; Rainfall
Argentina: Floods
Australia: Summer snow
Balkans: Heavy snow
Brazil: Hottest
Canada: Snow storm
China: Giant hole
Europe: Weather goes insane
France: Heat
Germany: Wobble weather; Heat
India: Deadly cold
Indonesia: Tornadoes; Tidal flooding; Sinking
Iraq: Worst floods
Japan: Sinking more
New Zealand: Tornado
Peru: Hill crack
Philippine: Typhoon- Bopha
Poland: Landslide
Russia: Coldest weather
Samoa: Flooding
South Africa: Hail Damages
Sri Lanka: Floods
Sweden: Massive snow fall
Thailand: Floods
UK: Landslip; Crazy weather; Floods; High tide; Storm; Freezing; Early blooming; Hole
Ukraine: Heaviest snowfalls
USA: Beach road disappearing; Mystery booms; Seasons blended; Massive gas explosion; Tornadoes; Winter storm; Flooding; Sinkholes; Water main break
A) Blogs posted on December, 2012 (December, 2012)
B) Unusual Weather, Wobble: Earth Wobble Watch (commented on December, 2012)
C) Sinkhole Incidents: Sinkhole Incidents On the Rise (commented on December, 2012)
D) Volcanic activity: Volcano Watch (commented on December, 2012)
*B1) Antarctica: Rainfall for the first time in 9 years, Syowa Station (Dec 23): by Sevan Makaracı on December 24, 2012
*B2) West Antarctica warmed up too quickly.: by Poli on December 25, 2012
*B1) Flash floods and toxic cloud cause havoc in Argentinean capital: by KM on December 7, 2012
*B2) Flooding in Argentina's capital; Severe weather leaves trail of destruction; Weather extremes across the world: by KM on December 8, 2012
*B1) Summer Snow in Australia!: by heyreh maier on December 5, 2012
*B1) 6 dead as heavy snow hits Balkans: by lonne de vries on December 10, 2012
*B1) The outage delayed flights and knocked out the air conditioning on a day when temperatures touched 109 degrees, Rio's hottest since at least 1915.; by ann s. on December 28, 2012
*B1) Metro Vancouver storm surge a climate-change preview, expert says.: by KM on December 18, 2012
*B2) Ontario, Quebec Snow Storm: Winter Weather Wallops Eastern Canada, Causes Headache For Travellers: by KM on December 28, 2012
*B1) Hard to see in Chinese province; Severe weather leaves trail of destruction; Weather extremes across the world: by KM on December 8, 2012
*C1)  A giant hole hits the Road in China: by khan on December 29, 2012
*B1) Weather goes insane over Europe:  White Christmas for Moscow while south Europe sweats: by Sevan Makaracı on December 25, 2012
*B1) Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast, it was 24.3 degrees Celsius: by Poli on December 25, 2012
*A1) Wobble weather - OBVIOUS WOBBLE (Southern Germany records warmest Christmas Eve ever!); by S.K.on December 25, 2012
*B1) Germany: record highs: by Stra on December 23, 2012
*B2) In Germany the absolute temperature record for Christmas Eve has been registered.: by Poli on December 25, 2012
*B1) Deadly cold wave in India.: by Poli on December 25, 2012
*A3) Jakarta sinking as water supplies dry upby khan on December 29, 2012
[New Zealand]
*B1) Tornado; Not your typical NZ Summer weather!!: by Lynne Warbrooke on December 6, 2012
*B2) Tornado strikes near Auckland; Severe weather leaves trail of destruction; Weather extremes across the world: by KM on December 8, 2012
*A1) Peru: Orcotuna hill crack the 200 meters long; by khan on December 18, 2012
[Philippine; Typhoon- Bopha]
*A2) Typhoon Bopha path; by Gerard Zwaan on December 7, 2012
*B1) super typhoon Bopha: by Robyn Appleton on December 4, 2012
*B2) Devastation in a Philippine valley where typhoons aren't meant to hit: by Jon on December 6, 2012
*B3) Bopha: the 2nd most southerly typhoon on record: by Jon on December 6, 2012
*B4) US Navy predicts Typhoon Bopha's path to cut across Visayas: by Jon on December 6, 2012
*B5) monitoring Bopha's path: by Etana on December 7, 2012
*B6) Unlikely typhoon in the Philippines; Severe weather leaves trail of destruction; Weather extremes across the world: by KM on December 8, 2012
*B1) Poland's winter wonderland; Severe weather leaves trail of destruction; Weather extremes across the world: by KM on December 8, 2012
*C1) Landslide in Poland: by heyreh maier on December 24, 2012
*B1) Moscow Hit By Biggest Snowfall In 50 Years: by bill on December 3, 2012
*B2) Extreme winter: Up to minus 50 degrees in Russia. Russia and Eastern Europe groan under a cold wave.: byPoli on December 18, 2012
*B3) Down to -50C: Russians freeze to death as strongest-in-decades winter hits: by KM on December 20, 2012
*B4) Russia: record lows: by Stra on December 23, 2012
*B5) Nearly 200 killed in cold snap across Russia, eastern Europe: by Sevan Makaracı on December 23, 2012
*B6) The heavy frosts in December in Russia have been at least 123 people dead.: by Poli on December 25, 2012
*B1) Flooding Worst in Memory (Dec 17): by Howard on December 17, 2012
[South Africa]
*B1) 'Fist-Sized' Hail Damages Hundred of Homes Near Johannesburg South Africa (Dec 9): by Howard on December 11, 2012
[Sri Lanka]
*B1) Sri Lanka: dozens of lives claimed by floods (24/12/2012): by Poli on December 25, 2012
*B1) Massive snow fall in Västerbotten north of Sweden.: by mrkontra on December 2, 2012
*A1) Thailand: Thousands hit by floods in south; by khan on December 26, 2012
*A1) Landslips Explode Across England; by Howard on December 25, 2012
*B1) Dramatic moment huge chunk of Jurassic coastline crashes 100ft on to beach after heavy rainfall: by KM on December 3, 2012
*B2) Freezing Britain: by KM on December 9, 2012
*B3) Britain is hit again with more bad weather: by KM on December 15, 2012
*B4) 100 Year Storm Causes Widespread Damage Across Eastern Scotland (Dec 15): by Howard on December 15, 2012 
*B5) Festive season ruined for hundreds of homeowners with heavy rain predicted to batter flood-hit south west until Christmas Eve: by KM on December 23, 2012
*B6) high tides in Scotland again: by Mark on December 23, 2012
*B7) Britain gets hit again with landslides and floods just before Christmas: by KM on December 23, 2012
*B8) round up of the year's crazy weather in the UK: by Mark on December 25, 2012
*B9) Thames Barrier shuts for the first time in two years to prevent flooding in London as fresh Atlantic storm promises yet more rain: by KM on December 27, 2012
*B10) Usually a harbinger of Spring, daffodils are blooming 2 months early in the U.K. (Dec 25): by Howard on December 28, 2012
*C1) Hole in Essex, UK prompts evacuation: by wanderer on December 6, 2012
*B1) Kiev: Hit by Heaviest Snowfalls on Record (Dec 13): by Howard on December 13, 2012
*B1) Extreme Rainfall: by KM on December 5, 2012
*B2) Record snowfall seen in Missoula: by lonne de vries on December 9, 2012
*B3) Rare December Tornadoes Slam Southern States (Dec 10): by Howard on December 11, 2012
*B4) California sees unusually high 'king tides': by KM on December 15, 2012
*B5) Mississippi river faces shipping freeze as water levels drop: by Derrick Johnson on December 24, 2012
*B6) Rare Christmas Snow for Dallas, OKC, Little Rock (Dec 24): by Sevan Makaracı on December 24, 2012
*B7) A winter storm in the Tennessee Valley will lift northeast, bringing active weather across much of the Eastern U.S. Meanwhile, a Pacific storm brings another round of rain and mountain snow across the West.: byKM on December 26, 2012
*B8) Snow storms break an over USA.: by Poli on December 26, 2012
*B9) Record Number of Christmas Tornadoes, Blizzards Tear Through U.S. (Dec 25) : by Howard on December 26, 2012
*B10) Flooding Is ‘Worse Than Normal’ in Storm-Hit Communities in New Jersey: by ann s. on December 27, 2012
*C1) Aerial photo of massive sinkhole in Ohio: by Andrey Eroshin on December 2, 2012
*C2) Lafayette: Giant sinkhole collapses road: by bill on December 4, 2012
*C3) Road Collapse and Large Sinkhole Near San Francisco, California (Dec 3): by Howard on December 7, 2012
*C4) Massive Water Main Rupture in Oklahoma Floods Homes, Prompts Evacuations (Dec 17): by Howard on December 18, 2012
*C5) Water Main Break in Portland Maine Floods Roads, Closes Schools (Dec 19): by Howard on December 19, 2012
*C6) Massive Highway Crevasse Dismantles Semi in Northern California (Dec 21): by Howard on December 23, 2012
*C7) Massive Sinkhole Appears In Yuma, Arizona (Dec 25): by Sevan Makaracı on December 25, 2012
*C8) Sinkhole Swallows Bus Near San Diego, CA (Dec 26): by Howard on December 27, 2012
*C9) Outbreak of water main ruptures in New Madrid region.: by Howard on December 31, 2012
[Extreme Tides]
-Scotland, -Southern England, -Wales, -Northern France, -Eastern Ireland, -California, -British Columbia, -Queensland Australia, -Vietnam, -Indonesia
Volcanic activity: Volcano Watch (commented on December, 2012)
Chile/Argentina (Copahue Volcano)
*D1) Eruption From Copahue Volcano, Chile / Argentina Border (Dec22): by Sevan Makaracı on December 22, 2012
*D2) Images of the Copahue eruption on the border of Chile and Argentina.: by Howard on December 23, 2012
*D3) Red alert issued for volcano on Chile-Argentina border (Dec 24): by Sevan Makaracı on December 24, 2012
Ecuador (Tungurahua Volcano)
*D1) Tungurahua Volcano Erupts in Ecuador (Dec 14): by Howard on December 15, 2012
*D2) Multiple Eruptions at Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Prompts Evacuations (Dec 17): by Howard on December 17, 2012
*D3) Tungurahua Volcano (Equador) Blasts Lava High Above Crater (Dec 19 Update): by Sevan Makaracı on December 19, 2012
Greece / Turkey
*D1) Earthquake swarms could indicate eruption near Nisyros, Greece  (Dec 4): by Sevan Makaracı on December 5, 2012
*D2) Risk Of Volcanic Eruption In Turkey (Dec 20): by Sevan Makaracı on December 20, 2012
Guatemala (Pacaya Volcano)
*D1) Activity Increases at Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano  (Dec 19): by Howard on December 19, 2012
Indonesia (Mt. Lokon)
*D1) Mt. Lokon: Volcanic Eruptions Continue on Indonesia's Mt. Lokon (Dec 8): by Howard on December 8, 2012
*D2) Mt Lokon in Indonesia Erupts Again (Dec 17): by Howard on December 17, 2012
Indonesia (Mt. Rokatenda)
*D1) Mt. Rokatenda Erupts, Thousands Evacuate (Dec 22): by Sevan Makaracı on December 22, 2012
Indonesia, Ecuador and the Russian Far East
*D1) The almost simultaneous eruption of several volcanoes; In Indonesia, Ecuador and the Russian Far East: byPoli on December 19, 2012
Kamchatka, Russian (Tolbachik Volcano)
*D1) River of Fire: Satellite Captures Immense Lava Flow From Russian Volcano: by Howard on December 10, 2012
*D2) Record Lava Flow From Plosky Tolbachik Volcano (Dec 11); by Howard on December 11, 2012
*D3) Dome of the volcano Ploskij Tolbachik on Kamchatka explodes. (Dec.18): by Poli on December 18, 2012
Nicaragua (San Cristobal)
*D1) Hundreds flee San Cristobal eruptions in Nicaragua (Dec 25): by mrkontra on December 27, 2012

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