Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cuban Fireball Bigger Than The Sun

The meteorite that fell on Cuba on Friday, the day after the meteorite that crashed into the Urals in Russia, was bigger than our sun, according to many witnesses. Whether or not the meteor in Cuba was related to the meteorite that struck Russia is unknown at this time.
An object fell from the sky over central Cuba on Thursday night and turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun” before it exploded, a Cuban TV channel reported Friday, citing eyewitnesses.

The object then turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun,” said the witnesses, adding that several minutes later they heard a loud explosion.

It remains unknown whether the reported phenomenon in Cuba is related to Friday’s meteor strike in central Russia, which set off a shockwave that shattered windows and left some 1,000 people injured.


  1. The news about the meteorites fell in the earth appeared more than before.

  2. Wow! The fireball is bigger than the sun!! It's very abnormal!

  3. When planet x closer and closer to the time, attached to the meteorite will fall to Earth

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