Sunday, February 17, 2013

‘Bluish’ Fireball Lights Up San Francisco Skies

On the day after the Russian meteor took the internet and the world by storm, a fireball was spotted lighting up the skies in San Francisco, California as well. Whether or not the San Francisco fireball was part of the meteor that struck the Ural's in Russia is not known at this time. From NBC Bay Area in San Francisco, California:

On a day that had a lot of people talking about meteorites and asteroids, a fireball of some sort was seen streaking across the Bay Area skies.

It was bluish in color and appeared to be heading straight to the ground, according to one viewer in Santa Clara. 

Meteors are pieces of rock and metal from space that fall to Earth. They burn up as they go through our atmosphere. The burning is what causes the bright flash of light.

Candice Guruwaiya told us on Facebook she saw it in San Jose. "I was leaving Safeway on Branham and Snell when I saw it. It looked like it was headed for the Capital Auto Mall area. It was a bright green when it first appeared, then it went to a bright yellow. It was awesome!" Guruwaiya posted.

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  2. planet x is really coming. we need to prepare for ourselves and the others!

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    So everyone should know what time are we now?

  4. The day of Lord is coming! Be alert!

    1. yes, it is the time to stay alert and awaken.

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  7. If the cause is from Planet X(Nibiru), alike case should happen more and more coming.

  8. It means Planet X is coming soon.