Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unprecedented wildfires caused by Planet X

We all remember very well that in between 2009 and 2012, once-in-a-century or even unprecedented wildfires occurred in many places around the world.

Australia Bush Fire

 Russia Fire 2010

Texas Wildfires 2011(Worst in TX history)

Why do unprecedented wildfires happen?

Some experts explain that they are set by people because the fire site is large with multiple fires.

However, is this a reasonable explanation?

How could there be groups of people in the world deliberately setting forests on fire?

In fact, would there be a more reasonable explanation?

Besides, on 27 March 2012, people found something alarming in the satellite image on the Internet. The image shows that during the day gigantic pillars of smoke continued to appear from the ground in many states in the south central U.S., including Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. From the following video, when the camera of the satellite zoomed in so that only one state was seen, white pillars of smoke were seen rising from the ground. Imagine how large the pillars are when they can be seen from the satellite above!

When the camera zoomed out, it was found that many places in the south central America also had giant white pillars of smoke ejected from the ground.

Why so?

Pastor Wind explained that because when the nearing of Planet X towards the earth in the solar system will greatly increase the internal energy of the earth and sun. Therefore, during daytime, when the sun shines on regions of the earth, the energy from the sun will cause the ejection of lava under the crust onto the ground. The lava, thousand degrees in temperature, will boil underground water and burn the soil, causing great pillars of smoke. And when the regions emitting pillars of smoke also experience drought, multiple fires occur in those regions. It is hard to put out these fires because the source is the lava being ejected out of the ground.

Hence, it can be predicted that when Planet X is nearing the earth, unprecedented wildfires will occur more frequently.

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