Monday, August 13, 2012

Destruction caused by killshot solar wind

Pastor Wind said that when a killshot solar wind hits the earth, which is predicted through Remote Viewing by Ed Dames, the first wave of the killshot will arrive within 18 minutes.
Although the first wave of killshot won’t cause death, all fine sophisticated electronic components, including wires that are tinier than hair, will be destroyed after receiving the power. Therefore, the most obvious characteristic of the arrival of killshot is the malfunction or explosion of all sophisticated gadgets, such as mobile phones. All of them will be disconnected suddenly. Computers and instruments that rely on computers to operate will be out of order. For example, planes, cars and communication systems. If this happens, then it’s only 24 hours away from the fatal Killshot wave.

According to what Ed Dames saw through Remote Viewing, the south hemisphere will be hit by killshot first. The south hemisphere will be destroyed by the heated solar wind due to the rotation of the earth. For example, if Australia is hit by killshot, then everything in Australia will be destroyed. It’ll be just like atomic bombs’ attack. Everything on the south hemisphere will be destroyed 24 hours later. A solar wind will last for at least 24 hours.

In addition, all tropical and subtropical areas, that are regions beneath 30 degrees of the north latitude, these areas will also be affected by the shock wave. Although those places won’t be completely destroyed, cities contain a large amount of wires, antennas and metal pipes, these are conductors and they will receive energy like antennas received frequencies, and then they will be burnt or even explode because the amount of energy captured is too great.

For instance, if a killshot solar wind hits Australia, then it will only take 3 mins for the shock wave to affect HK. All buildings that contain wires, all electrical appliances or facilities, all underground cables, all water pipes under the streets and buildings, all light bulbs and light pipes and all overhead cables and electrical towers will be in fire and explode.
And this shock wave will last for at least 24 hours.

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