Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fulfillment of the Webbot predictions - snowstorms

Pastor Wind shared Webbot's predictions released in Sep. on 27 Nov. 2011. It was said that the north hemisphere would be extremely cold. Snow wouldn't stop falling until summer in some places.

The north hemisphere will be extremely cold this winter. Snow won't stop falling until summer in some places. The north hemisphere has been known as a “Mini Ice Age” among scientists since last Dec. Snow attacked Europe, China, the U.S. and Japan and so forth. The snowfall broke the record. Surprisingly, a snowfall attacked Scotland on 4 April after three months of record-breaking high temperatures. The snow cover on the Highlands of Scotland was about 18 cm. The temperature dropped to -0.5 degree suddenly. It’s really surprising that the temperature in northern Scotland dropped up to -2 degrees in Apr. But the temperature in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland was 23.6 degrees one week ago, which broke its high temperature record. The temperature range was 25 degrees. Dozens of thousands of people lacked electricity. The railway services were also affected.

There was an extreme low pressure in Japan on 6 Apr. because the warm air and cold air met. Strong wind, rain and snow were formed. The wind was as strong as typhoon.
It was the most serious storm in Apr. in Japan in the recent 58 years.

Snowstorm also attacked the northeastern U.S. on 23 Apr. Snow cover was as high as 12 inches (30 cm). The northeast returned to winter from 80 degrees F. (26 degree C) suddenly. Many schools were closed. Branches fell and broke the wires. 50,000 families lacked electricity. Pennsylvania was declared to be a state of emergency.

The degree of seriousness and the places of occurrence were all just as Pastor Wind predicted on 27 Nov. last year. It’s proved that the accuracy of the 2012 sermons is great! It also warns people to prepare in advance!

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