Monday, August 13, 2012

History encoded in myth after disasters

Based on human history and the Bible, Planet X visited the earth twice, including 3500 years ago when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, and also 4600 years ago in the time of the Noah’s Ark!

The two visits of Planet X brought about great disasters to humans at that time! Especially in the time of Noah, the destruction is the greatest! According to the Bible, only the 8 members of Noah’s family and livestock and animals survived at that time! Therefore, after this catastrophe, humans could only rebuild their lives in ruins and cope with basic survival needs!

Hence, the historical record at that time was not complete and mostly passed on orally or recorded in mythical stories for the next generation! Up till now, if contemporary people want to search for the history of these events, they can only do so through cultural myths!

Just like researches on the ancient floods:

According to the research of the scholar, Mark Isaak: 254 major ethnic groups in the world, involving 84 languages ​​of different regions, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands, North America, Central and South America, it was found that the great flood was recorded in each of their ancient legends and as devastating flood worldwide in all them.

Comparing the “legends” of more than two hundred ethnic groups and the Bible, you can find the following interesting phenomenon:

95% of the legends say: the flood was caused by a great disaster.
95% of the legends say: it was a worldwide flood.
88% of the legends say: only one family was saved in the flood.
70% of the legends say: the family was saved by a boat.
67% of the legends say: not only humans but also animals were saved.
57% of the legends say: after the flood, the ship landed on mountain top.

These ancient civilizations include:
Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China!

Although each race has large geographical distance, their “legends” match the Bible!
In China, Han Chinese “The Masters of Huainan” recorded: “In a distant past, the four pillars that supported the world collapsed, and the earth cracked and split open. The sky could not cover the entire earth and the earth could not sustain all lives. Fire burned fiercely and continuously. Vast floods poured down incessantly. Fierce beasts ate people. Large vicious birds caught the old and weak.

Afterward, Nüwa mended the sky with refined 5-colored stones; cut off the four legs of a giant tortoise and used them to replace the fallen pillars, killed the black dragon to save the State of Ji, and piled up ashes to stop the flood.”

5-colored stones refer to rainbow, meaning that stones with 5 colors appear in the sky and fill the gaps of heaven. This corresponds to the record of the rainbow sign after the “Noah’s” flood in the Bible.

Afterwards, in the study of these Chinese “legends” by many scholars and media, they found that the legend of “Nuwa mending the sky” was a record of the flood of “Noah”.
Because, experts found that the ancient sound of “Nuwa” matched the sound of “Noah”. In some legends in China, the real meaning of “Nuwa making man” and Chinese people being originated from “Nuwa” is that Chinese people descended from the “Noah” family after the flood.

In 1605 in Beijing, missionary Matteo Ricci of the Jesuits met with Ai Tian, a Jew in Kaifeng believing in Israeli religion, and confirmed that Chinese “legends” coincided with biblical events!

Based on the Chinese Jew, Ai Tian, the Jews had already settled in Kaifeng no later than the Song Dynasty. As for the three Jewish Temple inscription in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including the "Koji monument," Masanori monument "and" Emperor Kangxi monument,” they clearly recorded the chart of ancestors of Chinese Jews, including biblical figures:
1. pán gǔ ā|ē dān盤古阿耽 (Adam)
2. nǚwā女媧 (Noah)
3.ā|ē wú luó hàn阿無羅漢 (Abraham)
4. yǐ sī hā以思哈 (Isaac)
5. yǎā|hē|ōjuéwù雅呵厥勿 (Jacob)
6. shí èr zōng pài十二宗派 (The 12 tribes of Israel)
7. Miē shè乜攝(Moses), etc.

Therefore, it is highly possible that some ancient Chinese “legends” recorded ancient history!
Another Chinese ancient “legend” recorded the time of Exodus in the bible and Emperor Yao over the same period.

In ancient time, ten “suns” appeared in the sky continuously and the strong sunlight burnt the soil and crops. Later, “Hou Yi” shot down 9 suns. However, the legend of “Hou Yi shooting the suns” also matches the historical records in the ethnic myths of other cultures.

This is the event of the “shift of the earth’s axis”. The moon stationed in the sky for several days in some regions. In contrast, the sun stayed in the sky for several days in some regions. It is highly possible that the legend “Hou Yi shooting the suns” records the time of Exodus in which the “sun” stayed for more than 10 days and the sunlight burnt the soil and crops!

Therefore, in addition to the record of the flood of “Noah” by the ancient Chinese legend “Nuwa mending the sky”, the legend “Hou Yi shooting the suns” records the history of the “shift of earth’s axis” at the time when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt!