Monday, August 13, 2012

The slowing down of Planet movement

28 months ago, in the “2012 Glorious Hope” preparation camp in December 2009, Pastor Wind has already shared that since Planet X has already entered into our solar system nearing the earth, the sun and other planets would have abnormal temperature rise. He even predicted that the movement of planets including the earth would slow down.
In the past, they found that the magnetic field of Mercury in 2008 was stronger than it was 70 years ago.

In recent years, planets and stars undergo great change. The ashen light of Venus is 250% brighter than it was 20 years ago; clouds over Mars increases with new sea slowly developed; Martian snow also melts slowly; the plasma of Jupiter was invisible in the past but becomes clearly visible now; Jupiter is brewing storm and the asteroids around also change with one asteroid's ionosphere has rose by 1000%; the asteroid Europa and Ganymade are brighter than before; Saturn’s X-Ray is brighter than it was in the past, and so are that of Uranus and Neptune. Now we slow down gradually and the clock becomes imprecise.

Planet X affects us for a few years and will only go away after encircling us.
The earth’s rotation will stop and has now slowed down. It will clearly slow down 7 days before it stops. The red desert storm around the globe signifies the shift of the earth’s axis.
Actually on 16 February this year, the European Space Agency reports that the Venus Express detector operating around the Venus' orbit found that the speed of rotation of Venus was slower than our previous measurement. This detector used infrared light to penetrate the thick clouds over Venus to get a glimpse of the bottom. It found that the moving speed of the topographical features on Venus' surface did not match the prediction.

The scientific community got the value of Venus' rotation speed from the measurement data of Magellan radar detector of Venus conducted by NASA in the early 90’s.

However, 16 years later, the detector of the European Space Agency finds on the Venus’ surface a deviation of 20 km from the theoretical position for a number of markers.
Venus' rotation speed is slower than the original measurement by around 6.5 minutes.

This discovery is a significant event for the landing location of future scientific exploration missions. Scientists can yet explain the slowing down of Venus' rotation speed.

In addition, on March 16, National Time Service Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences recently announced that one “leap second” would appear on July 1 this year implying the slowing down of earth's rotation speed, thereby adding “one second” to the clock of the whole year. In fact, since 1884, the earth’s rotation was internationally established as a measurement of International standard time, known as Universal Time (UT). In the 50’s of the last century, International Atomic Time (TAI), based on atomic oscillations, became the time standard; its accuracy and stability exceed Universal Time (UT) without relation to the earth's rotation.

However, with the time standards of Universal Time and International Atomic Time, recently scientists found a tendency of slowing down of the earth’s rotation speed, extending the duration of the second of “Universal Time” and expanding the time deviation between the two time standards.

Director of National Time Service Center, Dong Shaowu said, “A ‘tick’ of one second seems negligible to the living of ordinary people, but a deviation of 1 second can crash the entire power network, telecommunications, securities, aviation, seismic exploration and others.
In aviation term, a second is an 8-km spacecraft flight, a 30-km rotation of the earth around the sun, 3 hundred thousand km travel of light.

Hence, at the midnight of June 30, 2012, a leap second will be added to the existing Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), (i.e., Beijing Time July 1 2012, 8:00am). On that day, the next second to 23:59:59 will be noted as 23:59:60, and then comes the next day, 00:00:00.

In fact, this scientifically unprecedented phenomenon of planetary movements slowing down has already been foretold by Pastor Wind 28 months ago! On the other hand, the world’s scientists pretend not to know the cause of such phenomenon and hide the real cause from the world. Obviously, these so-called experts are very unbelievable!

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