Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That sinking feeling in Thailand

Telegraph poles poking out from the sea stand like graveyard memorials to the villagers that now lie beneath the waves.

Environment campaigners Greenpeace say the fate of villages like these along Thailand’s gulf coast are firm evidence of rising sea levels triggered by global warming.

They are warning the capital is also under threat.

“Because this area is not far from Bangkok, this is an emergency matter which should make the Thai people aware of what’s happening.”

In fact, Bangkok is facing a dual threat that Thai officials say could see the city under water if urgent action isn’t taken.

While sea levels may be rising, Bangkok is also sinking as ground waters pumped out from beneath.

The country’s head of disaster warning says a massive dike is needed to protect it from a watery end.

“If nothing can be done, you know, Bangkok would be at least 50 cm or 1 m under water.”