Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sinkholes: October to December 2012

Galveston Sinkhole
(Nov 30) A car drove into the roughly 2-foot deep sinkhole at the entrance to an alley off 51st Street between Avenues R and Q ½ in Galveston, Texas. There were no reports of injuries. (Source)
(Nov 30) Large sink holes, such as this one off Bay Avenue, are causing problems for residents in Moss Point, Mississippi. (Source)
(Nov 29) A massive sinkhole, measuring 200 feet long and 100 feet wide, closed roads in Dover Township. The Ohio Department of Transportation District 11 says a pond collapsed next to the roadway creating the sinkhole. The hole, estimated in published reports to be equal to four football fields, is impacting SR 516 in Dover. (Source)
(Nov 29) A sinkhole opened and almost consumed a large public bus and the 31-passengers on board in Nanjing, China. (Source)
(Nov 27) A street sinkhole nearly swallowed up a sewage truck in Haight District, San Francisco. Crews had been repairing the sewage system in the area prior to the incident. (Source)
(Nov 24) A sinkhole took out part of a road in La Center in Washington State early Saturday morning and an unsuspecting driver ended up crashing right into it. He suffered non-life threatening injuries. (Source)
(Nov 23) First trash And sewage, now sinkholes causing concern for Sandy victims. They’re everywhere – some of them are 10 feet deep in Queens. NYC says sewer lines to blame. (Source)
(Nov 22) The front tire of a car gets lodged in a sinkhole on the Hamilton mountain in Ontario, Canada. (Source)
(Nov 22) Portland Fire & Rescue crews in Oregon rescued a dog Thursday evening after he slipped into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole. (Source)
(Nov 20) Two water main breaks near downtown Redwood in California caused a sinkhole as well as flooding. (Source)
(Nov 20) Changsa, China
(Nov 20) A sinkhole shuts down a street in Brookings, Oregon. The city says the area is unsafe; portions of sidewalk, landscaping trees and smaller storm drain piping have also collapsed, and a wall next to the Brookhaven community is also in danger of collapsing. (Source)
(Nov 19) Residents in Wilmington, North Carolina, are worried about growing sinkhole in Castle Hayne neighborhood. (Source)
(Nov 18) Rose Avenue and Raiders Way in Ventura, California, were reopened after being closed due to a sinkhole found Sunday morning. Officers found about 20 feet of damaged pavement when they arrived. (Source)
(Nov 16) A massive sinkhole at the Pelican Harbor Marina in Miami-Dade, Florida, has many officials at a local wildlife sanctuary concerned. (Source)
(Nov 16) A motorist who drove around a barricade ended up in a large hole created by the spilling water and had to be rescued by police in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. (Source)
Sink Hole
(Nov 15) A sinkhole that popped up on Grove Street at Dunn Road in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was caused by an 18-inch underground pipe failure and will take at least two weeks to repair. (Source)
(Nov 13) Residents along Nieders Lane in Quincy, Illinois, have been keeping a watchful on a sinkhole that appeared shortly after the recent soybean harvest ended. (Source)
(Nov 13) A huge sinkhole has opened up in one Windermere neighborhood in Orange County, Florida, and has residents on alert. Officials said the hole is over 50 feet wide and 10 feet deep, but it isn’t threatening any homes. (Source)
(Nov 12) A city of Tulsa utility truck was stuck for hours when it was caught in a 9-foot sinkhole on a city street. (Source)
(Nov 10) A sinkhole, eight feet wide and 15 to 18 feet deep, in Sharon, Pennsylvania, swallowed a portion of family’s front yard Wednesday night and a former coal mine could be to blame. (Source)
(Nov 7) A huge sinkhole has opened up along a walking path next to Mud Creek, under the Governor’s Bridge in Toronto, Canada. (Source)
(Nov 6) The sinkhole repair near 2330 Monument Street in Baltimore, Maryland, will not be completed until Dec. 19. The original storm drain damage that resulted from the 40 foot sinkhole created on July 25, 2012, required 140 feet of the 120-year-old storm drain to be repaired. However two subsequent sinkhole incidents near the original location on Aug. 26 and Oct. 4 has tripled the original amount to be repaired to 423 feet. Hurricane Sandy created no additional damage. (Source)
(Nov 5) It was a frightening moment for residents on one Colorado Springs street in Colorado after a pipe burst, causing a section of the road roughly the size of a car to collapse. (Source)
(Oct 26) Heavy rain and overflowing creeks and lakes washed away sections of the Trans-Canada Highway north and south of Wawa, Ontario, sent a motel crashing into a sink hole. (Source)
Guyuan City Sinkhole
Guyuan City Sinkhole2
(Oct 20) The ground of a vegetable market in Guyuan City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region suddenly opened up, leaving a hole over 150 feet wide and almost 20 feet deep. A crane had to be brought in to remove a tricycle with its driver and several pedestrians. In 10 minutes, four were pulled from the wreckage, including a child, but an hour later, the dead body of a woman was discovered. (Source)
(Oct 9) A water main break earlier this morning has shut down a street near the Gateway shopping center in Northwest Austin. (Source)

Dec 8) Sinkholes like the one on Beach 67th Street are causing concern among storm-battered Rockaway residents in Queens, New York. (Source)
(Dec 7) The sinkhole that washed out a portion of Albion-Eagle Harbor Road in New York and nearly caused a breach in the Erie Canal on July 30 cost $1.3 million to fix, the state Canal Corp. said. (Source)
(Dec 7) Crews from the Department of Public Works are trying to repair a water main break that caused a sinkhole in Randallstown, Maryland this morning. (Source)
(Dec 6) A sinkhole opens up on Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill on Wednesday as crews work to permanently repair a sinkhole that developed during Tropical Storm Debby in Tampa Bay, Florida. (Source)
(Dec 5) A 10-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep sinkhole a few miles south of Grass Valley in California has the potential to engulf the northbound lane of Highway 49 and close down the main route to the Sacramento area. The sinkhole, which already swallowed a 10-foot portion of the northbound shoulder, developed above a normally babbling brook that crosses under Highway 49 through a culvert cutting through the soggy hillside. (Source)
(Dec 5) A gaping sinkhole has closed a road and a bridge in Adams County in York, Pennsylvania. The sinkhole is 18 feet wide and 20 feet deep.(Source)
(Dec 5) This is the sinkhole that stopped a truck Wednesday morning in St. Anthony, Idaho. (Source)
lafayettesinkhole (2)
(Dec 4) Two giant sinkholes formed in separate San Francisco Bay area communities during the heavy rain from a powerful storm that passed through during the weekend. In one instance, a giant sinkhole swallowed two lanes of a street Sunday in a residential neighborhood in Lafayette, just east of San Francisco. (Source)
The storm washed out Vine Hill Road near Camino Vista on Sunday.
(Dec 3) The series of storms to have battered the Bay Area, California over the last week have caused a major washout of Vine Hill Road in Santa Cruz. (Source)
Is mainstream media ignoring the sinkhole outbreak in this Country? Are these giant sinkholes indications of major earth changes? We’ve answered those questions in our earlier posts. Along with the recent seismic activity around the Country, people are asking if the New Madrid Fault Zone, as well as the others, is waking up.  Shown here aerial view of the monster sinkhole in Ohio.