Sunday, December 9, 2012

Contagious diseases caused by Comets…

In May 2010, the Journal of Cosmology published an article called "Comets and Contagion: Evolution and Diseases from Space." In the article, it mentioned that the “ill omen” and the plagues were always linked with the coming of comets in human history.

Indeed, is it superstitious or scientific to believe that the plague is brought by comets?

In the article, it mentioned that before the outbreak of the plagues, people saw the coming of the comet in these areas where the plagues took place.

For example, there were the great plagues in Libya, Egypt and Syria in the first century. At that time, a Roman poet Marcus Manilius described it as “death comes with those celestial torches.”

Besides, the Black Death, which was the most horrible plague in history, killed two-thirds of people in Europe and Asia in 14 century. A comet also appeared at that time.

Another example, when the Spanish invaded the Maya who lived in Central America in 1519, there were the war and the plague that killed ten million people. A year before the arriving of the Spanish, there was a comet appeared in the sky where Maya lived. This incident is clearly recorded in Mayan’s history.

Moreover, a recent incident was the pandemic happened in Spain in 1918. This pandemic killed twenty five million to forty million people. Indeed, the Halley's Cometappeared in 1910. And the Earth once passed through the tail of the Halley’s Comet.

In the article, it mentioned that some of these bacteria or virus that caused the plagues or diseases live in an anaerobic environment. Besides, they can survive under an extreme low temperature. Even though they are frozen for a long period of time, they can still survive. So, these bacteria or virus may live on the surface of the comet where the temperature is extreme low and the oxygen is lacking.

When such comet approaches the sun, the ice on the surface will melt. Followed by its tail, the bacteria and virus in the universe which used to hide in the ice will stay at its orbit.
When the Earth passes through the orbit of the comet, these unknown bacteria and virus will infect the creatures or humans on the Earth.

It is because the bodies of the creatures or humans living on the Earth are defenseless towards these bacteria or virus coming from the universe.

So, the deadly plague may take place. And it will stop when most of the people who survive can produce the antibodies themselves.

On September 11, 2011, the Comet Elenin will reach the perihelion. At that time, it is possible for us to see this comet with our own eyes.

On September 25, 2011, the Comet Elenin will align with the Earth and the sun, where Elenin will be in the middle.

On November 3, 2011, the Earth will pass through the tail of the Comet Elenin.
Indeed, when the Earth passes through the tail of the Comet Elenin, will these deadly bacteria and virus remain on the Earth?

Will history repeat itself like in the 14 century, which a new virus will appear and kill two-thirds of the world’s population like the Black Death?

Finally, the earliest year for the appearance of the Black Death in 14 century is 1346. 
The difference between 2012 and 1346 is 666 years...!


  1. I believe that the deadly plague you mentioned in the article will take place soon. how horrible it is!

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  3. There is not only one evidence show that the “ill omen” and the plagues were always linked with the coming of comets in human history, but why we haven't heard it from our books?
    It's really surpised to know that!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  4. The disasters coming from the universe