Saturday, January 18, 2014

Radiation has reached the West Coast of the US

ENENEWS has an article mentioning an interview with a Dr. Sherridan Ross who is a medical doctor and retired professor at University of California. Here is a quote from about six minutes into the video,

"Over here we’ve done a lot of things to make sure that our food supply has been safe, but it’s also cost us quite a bit. What we’d usually do is harvest a lot of the seaweed for places such as the Central Valley where a lot of our root crops, and also our lettuce and things come from. But because of the high concentration of radiation that’s in the seaweed, we haven’t been able to do that this year. We try to use the coast of California — initially we’d harvest tons of it, because it’s a renewable source, it’s very good, good for sucking up radiation and stuff that’s in the soil — that was our ‘out’. 
We do see the radiation from Fukushima in the soils in Southern California, especially in our desert regions. For some reason we’re seeing a lot of that, more prevalent — even though it is in small amounts, it’s still there. […] That’s one of the things that’s been happening with the bioengineering of foods, to get it out of the food source. We’ve been also seeing it in small amounts in a lot of the food sources that we give to our cattle and to our chickens. So these are the things that we’ve been taking note of and things that we’ve been trying to monitor and make sure that it doesn’t get to a higher level within our food sources."

Alex Jones's INFOWARS site has an article here talking about health officials who have confirmed a spike in radiation levels on a San Francisco beach. Geiger counter readings of the background radiation show over five times the safe level.


  1. Radiation has reached the West Coast of the US