Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Radiation cloud to hit the US West Coast - Message from Dr. Simon Atkins


I caught up a few times with Dr. Simon Atkins in Sydney last month and it was great to finally meet him. Simon has sent along this message in relation to the Fukishima radiation situation and the news of another radioactive cloud coming out of reactor 3. As you can see below, he is fine if you share this with others.

An old nuclear fallout map (not current)

By Climate Risk Scientist Dr. Simon Atkins, 30th December 2013

I figure you would want to know the truth, and so I do not mince words in this email.
If you do not want to know anything about how Fukushima radiation is entering the US food supply, then please do not read any more of this email.

Many radiation clouds from the Fukushima catastrophe have been moving downstream over the last 1,000+ days, and the cumulative radiation and the different types of radiation isotopes / nuclides (of strontium, plutonium, tritium as well as cesium and others) have been intensifying and are entering the food chain in the United States.  The bio-accumulation of radiation in people is already causing many primary and secondary radiation poisoning symptoms.  Families, especially with children younger than 16 as well as those single adults, couples, and older folks with immune challenges, are already doing everything they can to think of and act upon ways to either move further east or get out of the USA all together.  These choices are not easy.  But with radiation, you cannot see, smell, feel, taste or hear it coming.  We are blinded, deaf and dumb to this catastrophe.  Unfortunately, as an atmospheric scientist for 25 years, in watching the Jetstream and sea currents, there is no end in sight. The Japanese government is not doing a single thing to make this better or try to solve it.

And this is the latest news ramping-up the detection of contamination spreading into the United States:  This is worse a warning than I have been giving, but I do believe a lot of it is true.

It's incredibly sad, I am just about lost for words.  I have been predicting this for over 2 and a half years now.  Many of you knew that I left the United States and moved my family out of the country because of this.  I have to say it bluntly:  the radiation contamination into America is going to get much worse especially since nothing is being done to solve it.  We literally have rogue "terrorist" governments -- the USA and Japan -- that are looking blindly the other way, doing absolutely NOTHING to solve this or tell the American people.  The sickness, mutations, and slow deaths from cancers, and other immunological degenerative dis-ease and illness in America will be on the increase, more and more every quarter.  The suffering and chaos will be at times worse, because let me blunt again, some will see no answer, and will 'lose' it.  This is just another one of the dangers to society-at-large when a Black Swan slowly unfolding event (with an acceleration of impacts over time) is happening without being greatly solved.

PLEASE send this out to everyone you know.  Yes, you may forward this with my signature.  You can also follow my tweets at:  @DrSimonAtkins.  Post this or any links on Facebook.  You can also do Web searches for "Dr Simon Atkins + Fukushima" to listen to radio interviews where I provide a list of anti-radiation products.  I am doing the best I can to make everyone aware of this.  There will be delays in answering any question via e-mail.

Too much of Mainstream Media is following a script full of lies, some knowingly, some unknowingly. I ask you to empower yourself to get more information. Go to  Soon though, more "brave" TV stations will go up against "The System" to report on Fukushima.  And you will begin to hear more about Fukushima, whereas now, most Americans literally have no idea what is truly going on.

People that you know in potential harm's way need to REALLY take this warnings very seriously.  I am on record for saying that after March 2014, and I stand with my prediction, that a social movement will begin (due to the Fukushima disaster's impacts & effects inside America), and life in the USA will change a lot.

Think of ways you can change your life accordingly.  Remember, in the past, there have been thousands upon millions of people that have "fled", left, or otherwise gone to another part of their country or out of their country for all types of reasons in the past.  These have been social migrations, and I believe another one is soon going to begin.  We are now in a "Post-Radiation" world, and Fukushima is easily the biggest environmental disaster that has ever happened. 

God Bless. In peace,