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Fukushima Radiation Damages Thyroid Glands Of California Babies

A study published in the peer-reviewed Open Journal of Pediatrics has found that radioactive Iodine from Fukushima has caused a significant increase in hypothyroidism among babies in California.(1) Even though Japan is 5000 miles across the Pacific Ocean, the study found that elevated airborne beta levels on the West Coast are directly correlated with this common trend among newborn babies after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.
Congenital hypothyroidism is rare, but serious. It normally affects one child in every 2000, which can now be expected to rise. All babies born in California are monitored at birth for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels in blood, since high levels indicate hypothyroidism.
Using data obtained from the State of California over the period of the Fukushima explosions, researchers examined congenital hypothyroidism (CH) in newborns and compared data for babies exposed to radioactive Iodine-131 and born between March 17th and Dec 31st 2011 with unexposed babies born in 2011 before the exposures as well as those born in 2012. Confirmed cases of hypothyroidism increased by 21% in the group of babies that were exposed to excess radioactive iodine in the womb. 44.2 percent of 94.975 sampled Fukushima children have had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities as a likely results of their exposure to radiation.(2)(3)
Although less than three years have elapsed since the meltdown, health effects of low-dose exposures from fallout should be analyzed, especially for those in the earliest stages of life. Health status measures after March 2011 such as infant deaths, neonatal deaths, birth defects, stillbirths, low weight births, premature births, and cancers in the first year of life can be analyzed. Short-term findings of the young can serve as a warning about potential long-term adverse health effects on populations of all ages.  Fukushima fallout appeared to affect all areas of the US, and was especially large in some, mostly in the western part of the nation (2)
Only a few days after the meltdown, I-131 concentration levels in California, Hawaii,  Alaska, Oregon and Washington were up to 211 times above the normal level. At the same time, the number of congenital hypothyroidism cases increased dramatically, seeing a 16 percent increase from March 17 2011 to December 31 2011. In 36 other US states outside of the exposure zone, the risk of congenital hyperthyroidism decreased by 3 percent. Researchers believe that this finding may serve as further proof that Fukushima has something to do with the unusually high results found on the West Coast.(1)
Radioactive iodine that enters into the body usually gathers in the thyroid, which releases growth hormones. Radiation exposure stunts growth of the body and the brain, and also leads to long-lasting effects which were studied during the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during its meltdown in 1986. 10 years after that incident, researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that higher absorption of I-131 radiation led to an increased risk of thyroid cancer among victims of the Chernobyl incident.
 Japan is by order of magnitude, many times worse than Chernobyl. Never in my life would I think that 6 nuclear reactors would be at risk. I know the GE engineers that helped design these reactors, they resigned because they knew they were dangerous. Japan built them on an Earthquake fault. We are dealing with diabolical energy, this is the greatest public health hazard the world has ever witnessed – Dr Helen Caldicott
Here’s a video that sums up the situation quite well.

Here you go another video (in Cantonese, with excerpts in English) that explains the situation:

I’m not trying to spread fear, nor am I afraid of what has happened in Fukushima, but when it comes to environmental disasters, the nuclear fallout at Fukushima has to be among the worst that has ever happened in the history of humanity. At one point, over 300 tons of contaminated water had been flooding into the Pacific Ocean from this disaster every single day. Japanese experts estimate Fukushima’s fallout at 20-30 times as high as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings. There is definitely a lot we are not being told here, just like we weren’t with Chernobyl. Water continues to leak, and that area is still prone to an earthquake. Despite the magnitude and extent of this disaster, it’s not something to ignore, there are always steps and things we can do to create change.
Fukushima should be the last (out of many) experiences we need to help us realize that we don’t have to produce energy this way. Boiling water using nuclear energy in order to generate enough heat and steam to push a turbine is a very elementary way to generate energy. We have technologies that render nuclear power obsolete, like free energy.
We’ve had multiple studies indicate the correlation between consciousness and our physical material world. Thoughts, prayers and healing energy sent to Fukushima and the waters affected also helps. Incidents like the one at Fukushima are an indicator for us to  utilize the power of consciousness to heal the planet as well as ourselves, and to shift our means of producing energy to something better.  We still have a window of opportunity to change things, events like this should cause the entire collective to stop and at a stand still, stop with their daily routine, and just say enough is enough, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are better ways to do things here.
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