Sunday, January 12, 2014

Polar Vortex bringing record breaking freezing conditions to the USA

While the new 'norm' with weather conditions continue to manifest because of the ongoing earth changes around the globe, the northern hemispheres polar vortex is now sending very cold winter weather conditions down into the lands of the USA.

The forecasted mini-ice age for the northern hemisphere from a number of future predicting sources, such as the webbot, is really starting to manifest and become a reality.

USA Northeast - NASA

It's said that temperatures are expected to reach below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (-56 degrees celsious) for parts of the mideast of the United States. These record breaking temperatures are said to blast parts of the Great Plains, extending to the Eastern seaboard, while a second winter storm is expected later Saturday through Monday. 

Sixteen people have lost their lives so far, as a result of these cold temperatures in the US and at least 2,200 flights have been cancelled across the country on Friday in the US, adding to the already 2,300 cancelled. 

Scientists are saying that the weather will be the coldest experienced in almost three generation and that nearly half of the population of the USA, 140 million people, will be hit with under zero degrees Fahrenheit temperatures or lower by Wednesday. Meteorologists have issued a warning that the cold temperatures could remain throughout the entire winter.

Winter gales on Lake Michigan in the USA encase the St. Joseph Lighthouse in thick coating of ice. Source:Reddit

A “polar vortex" is said to be the cause of this situation. It's said that cold air piled up at the North Pole is being sent down to the U.S., funneling it as far south as the Gulf Coast.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has a few weather related issues occurring, such as,

Britain - Britain's coast being battered by 30ft waves, high tides and giant hailstones as fiercest storms in 20 years leave trail of destruction... and there's more on the way
"The fiercest storms in nearly 20 years have left a trail of destruction along the coastline and inland.
Roads were destroyed, railway tracks bent out of shape and flood defences breached.
They came as hopes were fading for 18-year-old Harry Martin, who went missing on cliffs near Plymouth, Devon, after he told friends he was going to take photographs of the Atlantic storm.
The area is now being combed by a helicopter, the coastguard and members of the missing teenager’s family, who last saw him yesterday."

Madagascar - Tropical Cyclone batters La Reunion
"The sixth storm of the season brings flooding rains and damaging winds to the southern Indian Ocean islands"

Australia - Queensland sizzles in 48-degree temps
"Searing temperatures that have set new heat records in central Queensland are heading to the state's southeast. Four weather stations recorded their highest ever January temperatures on Thursday as a stagnant mass of hot air in central Australia continued to affect inland Queensland. In the state's northwest, Century Mine reached 44.5C and 45.6C in Camooweal, while further south temperatures at the Monument hit 45.5C, and 46C in Bedourie."

Italy - Mount Etna erupts again sending smoke and lava into the air
"Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily erupts again after exploding several times earlier this month"

Australia - SA's north prepares for catastrophic fire danger as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Christine approaches
“South Australia is bracing for Ex-Tropical Cyclone Christine which is expected to bring gale force winds and dust storms as it tracks across the state's north.”  “The bureau's acting regional director, John Nairn, says it is very rare for former tropical cyclones to pass across South Australia.”

Indonesia - Indonesian volcano erupts 30 times as 20,000 displaced Read more: Indonesian volcano erupts 30 times as 20,000 displaced 
"An Indonesian volcano that has erupted relentlessly for months shot volcanic ash into the air 30 times on Saturday, forcing further evacuations with more than 20,000 people now displaced, an official said. Read more: Indonesian volcano erupts 30 times as 20,000 displaced."

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