Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sudden Insatiable Demand for Gasoline Could Trigger Martial Law in NYCmar

Over 75% of all filling stations in the city remain inoperable as a new storm system engulfs the region limiting capabilities of the entire supply chain causing chaos at the pumps and elsewhere.

NEW YORK CITY — I’m sure you have all heard by now that people on Craigslist are selling gas for over $8 a gallon, and are even offering sex or precious metals for it. However, t this is not a joke, nor is it funny as things have turned for the worse.
Now, 10 days after hurricane Sandy struck residents and officials have become uneasy as New York city has officially entered a Mad Max-like era that is infringing on martial law.
Hundreds of gas stations citywide remain without fuel as residents mettles are tested in what some would say is the worst fuel and weather crisis in US history. reported;
AAA Spokesman Michael Green said that even though power has been restored to many stations, the real issue lies with the distribution network. “This week, it is shifting more to being a supply-system problem: getting gasoline from storage to distribution terminals to gas stations to the car you drive,” he said. Nine out of 57 petroleum terminals impacted by the hurricane remain closed according to federal energy officials. Of those nine, seven are located in New Jersey, one in Brooklyn and one on Long Island.
National Guard troops remain active in the region as more equipment is being brought in against all weather conditions.
Fuel supplies are now so limited that fears of martial law echo amongst residents as crime and violence are likely to increase in coming days. Many businesses and employees have already been effected from the crisis.

Yahoo News reported, “Overall, about 700,000 people remain without electricity in the region, according to the latest estimate from FEMA. The nor’easter knocked out power to an additional 40,000 people Wednesday night.” According to’s Fuel Shortage Tracker, things are looking pretty grim in and around New York City on the fuel front, not to mention the snow storm moving through now adding 200,000 more power outages to the region. Currently over 20,000 NYC public housing residents still remain without power raising questions about how people will stay warm.
Meanwhile Governor Andrew Cuomo stated Thursday in an announcement to the press that this storm will likely cost the state of New York over $33 billion.
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  1. I guess not many people were prepared for a disaster like Sandy.
    I'm really sorry for people in NYC, and hopefully people would learn from this storm.

  2. many disaster occur in 2012 but the government did not tell us.

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