Friday, November 23, 2012

Signs of a Pole Shift – Fall 2012 Update

By Rob Daven

It has only been just over a year that I became convinced that we are in the throws of a polar shift.
As I’ve detailed (herehere and here) I have been watching these anomalies for over a decade, but it was only in 2011 when I became convinced that it was happening.  I’ll save you all the long details of how I woke up to this, but you can listen to me speak about it on Marshall Masters YOWUSA Radio Program:
Before we begin, I’d like to thank Suspicious Observers for providing this information.  In fact he has covered most of this information on his videos in short format, but I would like to break it down a bit more for you.

Signs in the Stars

My latest research has been focusing on the Electric Universe theory. This states that the universe is flowing with electrical forces and that all planets are connected.
While I am still very new to this information, I can see connections to my previous work in many aspects of the Electric Universe theories. It is with this theory that I believe the planets, sun and entire universe are connected through natural forces.   These forces are constantly in a state of flux, and they are most likely the cause of what is happening to our planet.
As we look out into the universe we can see some major changes taking place.   A prime example is that of Jupiter. In 2007 astronomers found that the large storm known as “The Red Dot”, has been shrinking and a new smaller spots had appeared.
The Red Dot had been in existence on Jupiter for at least 182 years (possibly as long as 347 years). Over the last few years, the smaller red spot storms have grown dramatically signalling that something is indeed happening on Jupiter.
Another strange sign is how bright Jupiter is in the morning sky since about 2005.
I began to monitor this phenomena while walking home from work in the early morning during the winter of 2005. Around 2am in January, I would see the bright star off in the distance.  At first I believed it was Planet X, but after researching this phenomena, I would find that these bright stars where actually Jupiter and Venus.
As time moved on I would begin to notice that the planets I had been observing were getting significantly brighter.
This summer I again had the chance to do some night shifts (I had changed jobs in 2009). As mid August rolled around I made sure to take a bit of a walk around 4am to check on my glowing planets.
As Jupiter rose over the horizon being chased by Venus, I was awe-struck at how bright they have become. My only conclusion thus far is the brightness is due to changes in our upper atmosphere.  Well, unless the planets are getting closer… lets hope that isn’t the case.

Signs in the Sky

In August of 2010 I seen my very first funnel cloud. As I grabbed my cell phone and turned on the camera, I managed to take the following video of a funnel cloud raging over my head.

While it isn’t unheard of to have tornadoes in the sub-arctic, we actually had multiple sightings over a 6 week period.   Here are some pictures of tornadoes touching down towards the end of July.
Within 5 months of this event we had the reports of mass bird and fish deaths in Arkansas.   Just 3 months after that we had the Japan quake which seemed to set in motion a series of catastrophic events.
It was just after the Japan quake that I began to theorize that we were indeed trapped in the throws of a pole shift.

The Wondering Pole

Being so close to the North Pole, we have a large population of Inuit.  Their entire society has only been living a “western” lifestyle for less than 50 years.
This gave me an advantage that most of you will not have.  I was able to sit down and speak directly to Inuit elders about climate change, wondering poles and strange animal behavior and death.
As I sat to have coffee with an Inuit hunter in his late 60′s, he informed me that his cousin had been involved in a film project which documents the Inuit claim that the sun and stars are out of place.  Below is a clip from the documentary (The full film can be found here!)

Armed with circumstantial evidence from my own observations and that of the Inuit, I started to look into actual scientific data.
The records for the North Pole location show a long history of movement.  Well, that was until about 2000 when the pole movements started to accelerate.
Between 2000 and 2010 the pole moved more than it had between 1960 and 2000. It was quickly becoming clear that this pole shift was not only a reality, but was accelerating as time went on.
As the pole shifts more the stranger the weather and natural events become across the planet, leaving no doubt in my mind that we are indeed in the midst of a massive pole shift, and not one that will take “thousands of years” as mainstream science preaches.


The work you see above is part of the research for my upcoming documentary on earth changes.  It seems the more I dig, the more evidence I find confirming that there is indeed a pole shift happening.
The real question is how long will it take?   We are starting to find evidence that the pole shifts much faster than originally believed, though it still shows that this may take 100′s of years to complete.
With the changes I’m seeing right before my very eyes, I doubt this hypothesis is correct.
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