Wednesday, November 21, 2012

“Heavy Wet Snow” Is Now Often The Norm

Why does it now so often start snowing at temperatures far above freezing temperatures? Why is that?
Why does the Weather Channel now so often refer to snow events as “heavy wet snow” events? Have the laws of physics changed? Does ice now nucleate in the clouds at temperatures far higher than what natural laws have always dictated? Why does this “heavy wet snow” now occur so often in locations where the trees have not even begun to drop their leaves thus decimating them? If the trees have not even started dropping their leaves, wouldn’t that indicate it has not yet become cold? How can it begin to snow at temps in the 40s, high 40s, and even sometimes in the low 50′s?
Artificial ice nucleation is how.
Don’t think this is possible? Think again. The article on the link below outlines openly what the Chinese can and have been experimenting with. Creating artificial snow storms from what should have fallen as rain. This is called “artificial ice nucleation”. This process appears to already be quite advanced. NASA has a patent titled “Ice Nucleation For Weather Modification” and can be found on the site . This patent is also shown in Michael Murphy’s documentary “Why In The World Are They Spraying”. If the Chinese have openly and successfully conducted such “experimentation”, are we to believe that the US government is not fully capable? The correct chemical mixes can and do create ice from what was room temperature. How about that “ice pack” sitting in your first aid kit just waiting to be activated? Radar images of migrating rain cells that suddenly “flash out” to snow for no apparent reason are now commonly seen on various weather station radar images. This is occurring without the presence of mountains, colliding cold fronts, or freezing temperatures period. This can only be the result of aircraft dispersed chemicals above the clouds. Though temperatures do often drop precipitously as the ice nucleation process unfolds and the chemical process begins to cool the surrounding air, “heavy wet snow” can begin to fall at temps up to 50 degrees.
If there is another plausible explanation for the now all to common above freezing temperature snow storms happening across the US and other regions around the globe, I have yet to see it.
Dane Wigington.
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