Saturday, November 3, 2012

More On The Way: Fallout Detected on Radiation Network and RadNet

On or about October 14th a significant radioactive release occurred at Fukushima. That release traveled with the Jet Stream and impacted the USA. The impact was detected on the Radiation Network in Eugene Oregon and Grand Rapids Minnesota. A detection was also indicated on EPA's RadNet in Anchorage Alaska.   A recent detection in Hawaii indicate that more is on the way for CONUS.  We would also expect European levels to spike near the Jet Stream as a result of both of these detections.

Here are the links to websites mentioned in the video.

Radiation Conversation on ENVIROREPORTER.COM
Alexander Higgins RadNet Compilation
The Radiation Network
Jet Stream Maps

UPDATE: 10/24/12
According to information from The Fukushima Diary, this chart from Hokkaido Japan shows a spike in airborne radiation in Hokkaido starting on 10/14/12. The trigger for that spike is likely what was detected in Oregon and Minnesota on 10/19-22/12