Friday, March 31, 2017

Enjoy the Perfect Zound: ZNS1423

ZNS 1423
"My Dear Lord, please Listen to my Sincere Prayer"

This song is about God’s mercy and grace for all. It has an emotional yet beautiful tone to it, as it gradually increases the mood from of the song from strings to more rhythmic drumming patterns. Personally, I love just how well the strings blend with the singer’s voice, as it really brings out just how beautiful the message of this song is.

Listening to this song makes me regret all the times I took God’s grace for granted. This song gently reminds all about Jesus and his great love that was displayed on the very cross he was nailed upon. Although we are all sinners, God sent his only son to die for us so we could spend eternal life with Him. That alone shows us how special and loved we are in the eyes of our creator.


Sometimes in my time of loneliness and need, I wonder if God is really there. I wonder if He’s truly listening, or if He even cares. In times where I’m met with silence and filled with doubt, I only have to look at the stars in the sky to see his presence and rest assured that He is indeed on my side.

Though we may not understand everything God has planned for us, He always knows what’s best and wants to give us more than we had hoped for. Through the trials and tribulations we endure, we feel God’s love deep in our bones.

In sincerity we pray, we hope for the touch of His hands and His loving guidance.


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