Sunday, January 8, 2017

What is “Semblance of Realism”?

Do you like going to concerts, enjoying live performances by your favourite orchestra or singer? As a music lover and super fan I guess you don't only show your support by going to gigs but also purchasing their albums to enjoy music every day. Then I suppose you've got a set of high-end hi-fi equipment for bringing you all the pleasure? 

Hmm, no?! Alright no problem. Even if you own one home theatre, that's still not portable and you will miss the chance to enjoy the music when you are out...

Then what about earphones? You may be wondering if earphones could provide high-quality reproduction of sound for you audio enthusiasts. Or would such a tiny little gadget be capable of providing quality audio reproduction?

What if I tell you I've owned the BEST earphone - ZION SWORD - that offers high-quality reproduction of sound and even the semblance of realism of a performance?

So when using the earphone, it will be like listening to the music live. Let’s take an orchestral performance as an example. Through the earphones, the listener should be able to clearly identify each instrument that is being played and distinguish where each instrument is positioned. All the music played by each instrument could be clearly distinguished and all the sound will not mess itself up. The original frequencies could be preserved even when they are played through the earphones. You can enjoy the spatial realism and the music with FULL-RANGE frequencies as if you are listening to the live performance. 

If you wish to get a taste of how amazing Zion Sword is:

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  1. The best earphone!😍😍😍

  2. OH...very interested of this gorgeous earphone @@

  3. Great ~ I have not listened Live music when using earphone even I had. The effect is better than Hi-end HIFI!

  4. Zion sword, I tried it and I owned it. The sound quality is better than those expensive earphones.