Sunday, January 22, 2017

A state-of-the-art Earphone - Zion Sword

Why can Zion Sword reproduce the original frequencies of a piece of music to resemble realism during playback? And why is Zion Sword the ONLY earphone that can achieve this?

To reproduce a semblance of realism, the diaphragm must be able to allow the vibrations of different frequencies to occur all at the same time. However, the present-day transducers such as dynamic drivers or balance armature drivers are too slow to run through a full range of vibrations without having themselves overlapped and offset each other.

The titanium diaphragm used in the Zion Sword is strong, extra thin, and of light weight, which is the best transducer for reproducing a full range of frequencies so that clean, well-balanced sound could be delivered. This diaphragm allows the playback of all the frequencies from ultra-low to ultra-high to be harmonious, accurate and stereophonic. Minimal distortions in sound waves will result.

To date, Zion Sword has become the only best-sounding, audiophile-grade earphone on the market that can create a semblance of realism!

Stay tuned for more on this amazing earphone...!!!


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  1. titanium diaphragm used in the Zion Sword is strong, extra thin, and of light weight


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