Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Enjoy the Perfect Zound: ZNS1182

ZNS 182
"Pondering the Salvation of the Lord"

In life, change is inevitable. It is our response to it and how we adapt that truly define us. This song speaks mainly of God's love, how it is as beautiful as the radiance of the dawn and the sunset. Yet at the same time it says whenever and wherever we are, His love stays with us and never leaves. Often we might think that God doesn't care about us any more or that we don't feel his presence, but the reality is instead we should have patience and strengthen our faith through knowing that God is guiding our lives even without us knowing.

We change every day. From our personal habits to our age, we mature and grow into different people as the years rush by. Knowing that God is with us makes that change feel more assuring, since we know that through changing we are able to follow God more and stay connected to His plan for our lives.


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  1. Pondering the Salvation of the Lord

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