Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly recap - Lethal GRB, global flooding, unusual tornadoes, landslides, strange seasonal weather, giant coronal hole, social unrest, interplanetary shock wave and more...


Last Wednesday I wrote the following post, 'A recap on current events - Doctor Simon Atkins, Global Coastal Event, increase in space rocks, lakes in the sky, Volcanic activity and more' , which looked back over the posts I had made since roughly a week before, in relation to the earth changes and a few other aspects that relate.

28 May - EARTH may lie in the path of a lethal gamma-ray burst that could wipe out a quarter of our atmospheric ozone. Astronomers say WR 104, a Wolf-Rayet star about 8000 light years away, could go supernova any day, which would generate gamma-rays that could reach earth. - 'Lethal gamma-ray burst from star WR 104 could reach earth'


May 29 - Kenya's power grid failed on Tuesday, plunging east Africa's biggest economy into a nationwide power blackout, sole power distributor Kenya Power said.- 'Kenya hit by national blackout after power grid failure'

May 29 A friend of mine just informed me that she was just in the middle of a number of tornadoes that came though Michigan in the USA. Houses are down in her area and a number of High Schools. Luckily her home was not in the path. However, severe storms are expected to continue to head through Michigan overnight. (It's just after 1AM there now) - 'Tornadoes hit Michigan, USA'

28 May - The equivalent of a magnitude 7 quake is quietly rocking the capital, though until now you'd have only noticed it if you were a geophysicist. 'Silent' quake gently rocks Wellington, New Zealand'

29 May - While size of this earthquake is only 3.8, it's a rare event for the UK. The British Geological Survey is quoted as saying that they only get one this large about once a year. It looks like the strongest earthquake in the last 200 years for Britain was a 5.4, near to the location of this quake, back in 1984. - 'Residents woken by tremor of 3.8 magnitude on the Llyn peninsula in Wales, UK'

Map of tremor

29 May - Yesterday I woke up to to really heavy fog. I heard later on that it was also in the City. It's been reported that ferry services were cancelled and at least 20 flights were diverted away from Sydney airport yesterday, causing extensive delays around Australia. The fog was back today. - 'Heavy fog hits Sydney, Sydney Airport diverts flights'

30 May - The recent weather in Germany indicates everything but global warming and widespread drought, which climate experts have been telling us would be the case unless we stopped burning fossil fuels fast. - 'Germany recording coldest Spring in 40 years! “…Climate Experts Running Out Of Arguments…”!'

30 May - What is life going to look like as our precious water resources become increasingly strained and the western half of the United States becomes bone dry? - 'The Colorado river, the high plains aquifer and the entire western half of the U.S. are rapidly drying up'
The Western United States Is Turning Back Into Desert

30 May -  Police and rescuers scrambled into action Tuesday evening when a deluge of rain resulted in flash flooding that stranded motorists, blocked streets and pushed flood waters into places like Sandburg Mall and Carl Sandburg College. - "Torrential rain leaves Galesburg (Illinois, USA) scrambling amid flooded streets'

30 May - The sinkhole in downtown Washington will continue to block lanes and impede traffic until the end of the work week, officials said Tuesday. - "Sinkhole to close D.C. streets through Friday'

30 May - Three people have died from a a deadly new SARS-like virus, taking the total death toll to 27.
The unnamed victims were from Saudi Arabia and died in the country's eastern region, the Saudi health ministry confirmed today. - 'World Health Organisation calls Middle Eastern virus, MERS, 'threat to the entire world' as death toll rises to 27'

Spring planting in the US

31 May - When astronomers analyzed radar readings to create their first maps of 1998 QE2, the big asteroid that's due to sail past Earth on Friday, they were surprised to find that it has a moon twice as big as an ocean liner. - 'That's no space station! Asteroid 1998 QE2 has a moon, radar shows'

31 May  - An Alaskan town was flooded after a 30-mile ice jam on the Yukon River sent water flowing onto the land. - 'Amazing ice jam on Yukon River triggers devastating floods in Galena, Alaska'

31 May  - The Institute of Vulcanology warned that the eruption could intensify with ash rising as high as 1000 to 2000 metres, posing a threat to air traffic at Guatemala's international airport. - 'Pacaya volcano erupts in Guatemala'

31 May  - Riot police charge at firefighters during a protest against austerity measures in front of the Catalunya Parliament in Barcelona, Spain, on May 29, 2013. - 'Firefighters clash with Riot Police in Spain'

1 June - CRE theory says cosmic rays – energy particles originating in space – play the dominant role in breaking down ozone-depleting molecules and then ozone." ... "Lu’s theory has been confirmed by ongoing observations of cosmic ray, CFC, ozone and stratospheric temperature data over several 11-year solar cycles. - 'Global Warming caused by Chlorofluorocarbons, not carbon dioxide, study says'

1 June - The tornado destructed parts of the city, toppled trees and ripped roofs off houses. To help the people of Tula region affected by the disaster, the department of Defence sent troops. - 'Amazing video of a Tornado striking through Yefremov, Russia, on 22 May 2013'

1 June -  A massive landslide in Wellington has swept away backyards and left houses teetering on a cliff edge. - 'Homes evacuated by landslide in Wellington, New Zealand'

1 June - The widest Tornado ever recorded hits Oklahoma -  'Tornado emergency with extensive damage, critical injuries reported in Oklahoma City suburbs'
An overturned tractor-trailer rested on its side in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40, just east of El Reno, Okla., after a reported tornado touched down.

2 June - Over 200 witnesses reported a large fireball over Ohio last night around 11:05 PM local central time (3:05 UT). The fireball was seen from primarily Ohio and Indiana, but witnesses from West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina also reported seeing the fireball. - 'Large Fireball Meteor with sonics over Ohio - 30 May 2013'

2 June - The Earth's magnetic field just had around fifteen hours of continuous geomagnetic storming, which has calmed down a little now. It's been reported that the cause of the fifteen hours of Earth being bombarded with energy is from an interplanetary shock wave with an unknown source. - 'Interplanetary Shock Wave hits Earth, source 'unknown'

2 June - As violent protests persist across Turkey, and spread from Istanbul to the capital Ankara, and Izmir, here is a visual summary of what is going on courtesy of Reuters. 'Photo gallery and live webcast from a violent Turkey'

2 June - The financial system of the third largest economy on the planet is starting to come apart at the seams, and the ripple effects are going to be felt all over the globe.  Nobody knew exactly when the Japanese financial system was going to begin to implode, but pretty much everyone knew that a day of reckoning for Japan was coming eventually. - 'The Japanese financial system is beginning to spin wildly out if control'

Wildly Out Of Control

2 June - Melbourne appears to have escaped major flooding despite a night of record-breaking heavy rain. - 'Melbourne city in Australia has had its wettest June day on record'

2 June - Tomorrow calls time on the coldest spring in more than 50 years, as the past fortnight of below average temperatures dragged the average thermometer reading during March, April and May putting it on course for its lowest level since 1962. - 'UK sees coldest spring in 50 years, says Met Office'

3 June - At least two people have been killed in devastating floods gripping the western Czech Republic. The disaster caused by torrential rains has prompted the evacuation of metro stations, several hospitals and the zoo in the capital. - 'Prague evacuated, state of emergency as floods grip Czech Republic'

3 June - Tim Samaras was one of the most knowledgeable and highly respected of the band of storm chasers who cross the Great Plains every tornado season. His bravery and skills were particularly admired because he managed to get scientific recording equipment into some of the most violent twisters, in an effort to increase understanding about them and thus reduce their devastating effect. - 'Experienced storm chasers among dead in Oklahoma tornadoes'

4 June - "People went to the park with their blankets, books and children. They put their tents down and spent the night under the trees.  Early in the morning when the bulldozers started to pull the hundred-year-old trees out of the ground, they stood up against them to stop the operation." "These people are my friends. They are my students, my relatives." - 'What is happening in Istanbul?'

4 June - Swollen rivers gushed into the old section of Passau in southeast Germany on Monday, as water rose in the city to levels not seen in more than five centuries - 'Situation in flood-hit German city 'dramatic''

4 June - As the breeze swept in under the cafe's parasols and the sky darkened over Rome, waiter Apu Haq exchanged commiserations with a customer nursing an espresso and a scowl. "They said summer was going to arrive this week," remarked Haq, "and instead came winter." Within minutes, torrential rain was lashing the cobblestones as thunder rumbled in the distance. "It's all the wrong way round," said a bewildered Haq, from Bangladesh. "It's incredible. I've been here for 10 years now and I've never seen anything like it. It's too strange." - 'Italy shivers through 'cursed spring' of relentless rain'

Pope Francis surrounded by Catholics sheltering under umbrellas in St Peter's Square

Burkes Pass closes due to snow (Source: Bethany Rentoul)

4 June - A layer of snow on the second day of summer has put the citizens of the Russian city of Kemerovo completely out of humor. Meteorologists say the anomaly occurred because a cyclone brought cold Arctic air from Kara Sea region into Siberia dropping, temperature to lows typical for summer north of the Arctic Circle. Bloggers were at a loss when commenting the issue. - 'Snow in Summer - Kemerovo, Russia'

4 June -  Thousands of people, including victims from the Fukushima disaster in 2011, took to a central park in Tokyo on Sunday to protest the Japanese government's intent to restart the nation's nuclear reactors. - ''Only unevolved Apes want Nukes' - Anti-Nuke march in Tokyo, Japan'

4 June - Some 2,000 homes have been evacuated in Southern California as firefighters struggle to contain tens of thousands of acres of wildfire amid extremely hot, dry and windy weather. Two major blazes in New Mexico have also spiraled out of control. - 'Thousands evacuated as huge wildfires roar uncontained in California, New Mexico

5 June -  Bitter cold conditions, heavy rains and hail have wreaked havoc in Cape Town, South Africa, with a new cold front set to arrive on Monday. The mountains close by have seen heavy snowfall. - 'Cape of Storms: Western Cape, S. Africa hit by storms, hail, snow'


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