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EXTREME "APOCALYPTIC" WEATHER: Mother Nature Strikes Italy Hard - Massive Rainfall Causing Flooding On Italian East Coast And Tornado In Italian Coastal Town Of Termoli Brings 150kmph Winds!

June 24, 2013 - ITALY - The following constitutes two reports of  two recent extreme weather events in Italy.

Massive Rainfall Causing Flooding On Italian East Coast.
Exactly as expected in recent days, the Riviera of Romagna and Marche in Italy are the areas most affected by the weather this afternoon: a real "water bomb" is affecting the area on the border between Marche and Emilia Romagna. In Riccione 81mm of rain has already fallen, with 73mm in Rimini and 33mm in Ancona. There are reports of flooding and blackouts, with traffic mayhem. Check out the images below that depict this rather apocalyptic scene. Up to 12cms of rain fell in one hour in some areas. 

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in the Emilia-Romagna and Marche areas of Eastern Italy.

Streets have been turned into rivers and highways have been closed.

Floods in Rimini and Ancona on the Italian East coast have inundated towns and cities

Tornado In Italian Coastal Town Of Termoli Brings 150kmph Winds.
A violent tornado, as we can see in the photo, made landfall in the early afternoon (just after 3pm) near Termoli on Italy's Adriatic coast, where a storm that had formed inland in the Molise region moved towards the city. The Air Force's own weather station in Termoli measured winds up to 148km/h (92mph). 

Four waterspots form off Italy's Adriatic coast today, June 24th 2013.

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For about 15 minutes violent rain fell along with heavy hail storms. Homes, shops and the train station of Termoli were flooded. The tornado, which lasted about ten minutes, uprooted trees, ripped roofs off houses and downed billboards. Many sea-side resort buildings experienced serious damage as the tornado swept through the area. Firefighters, police patrols, municipal police and traffic police were all called to the area. 

Not only Italy but also the Croatian and Slovenian coastal areas were affected by severe weather today, Monday 24th June 2013. Violent hailstorms and tornadoes battered a large area of both sides of the Adriatic coast. 

WATCH: Tornado in Termoli - Video 1.

WATCH: Tornado in Termoli - Video 2.

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