Saturday, June 22, 2013

3MIN News June 17 2013 & Large Quake Analysis, Energy from Space and How to watch the Sun

Suspicious0bservers released a special today with his 3/4MIN News update. Here is a quote about the large earthquake analysis. This is a 7 minute video as a result.

Description from Suspicious0bservers in relation to this update - "It is important to know that many factors are involved in building pressure underground, and many others involved in triggering earthquakes. Not all coronal holes produce quakes and not all major upticks in seismicity occur with coronal holes. But the 100,000 plus people here have been watching a statistically significant correlation in upticks of that very seismicity. An uptick has begun again, the coronal holes are set. Not every such situation creates the danger, but it seems the danger prefers these situations. "

If you missed it, here is Suspicious0bservers 'Energy from Space' video which he references during the above mention.

And the 36 minute 'How to Watch the Sun' is below, which is a much see to what Suspicious0bservers has been trying to teach/show everyone through his well researched work.