Friday, March 29, 2013

Rabies Outbreak After Meteor Strike In Chelyabinsk, Russia: State Of Emergency Declared; Rabies Outbreak Across World Linked To ‘Vile Stars’?

A very strange rabies outbreak in Chelyabinsk, Russia has led to a 'State of Emergency' being declared due to the sudden widespread outbreak of rabies, this coming weeks after a meteor also struck the area. Strangely enough, rabies is now spreading across the world as shared further below in this story with credit to WoodyMcWood from GLP.

Is this rabies outbreak due to the recent meteor? According to this story from the Journal of Cosmology, throughout history disease outbreaks of "near-culling" and "extinction-level" proportions have been brought upon the Earth by passing interplanetary fragments and comets, or 'vile stars'. The excellent historical BBC video "The Comet's Tale" below.

"All ancient civilizations, without exception, have looked upon comets with a sense of trepidation and awe.  Comets were considered to be harbingers of doom, disease, and death, infecting men with a blood lust to war, contaminating crops, and dispersing disease and plague (Hippocrates 1900; Olson and Pasachoff 1999)."

For much of history comets have been associated with death and disease. There is increasing evidence that life on Earth originated in comets and other stellar debris. If passing comets have continued to deposit viruses and microorganisms on this planet, this may explain why ancient astronomers and civilizations attributed the periodic outbreak of plague to these stellar objects. Moreover, the subsequent evolution and extinction of life may have been directly impacted by the continued arrival of bacteria, archae, viruses, and their genes from space. On this picture the evolution of higher plants and animals, including humans, would be impacted by the insertion of genes from space, as well as recurrent episodes of pandemic disease. Near-culling pandemics and extinction episodes have in fact been preceded by or followed by inserts of viral genes into survivors who have transmitted these viral elements to their progeny, thereby impacting future evolution. Although ancient fears and reverence of comets may be coincidental with the outbreaks of pandemics, they may also have a factual basis.

From Biblical times great plagues and epidemics of disease have punctuated the history of Europe and Asia (Karlen 1996; McNeill 1977).  Although some of these events may have an explanation in terms of local causes and conditions, the more dramatic episodes on record invite more exotic explanations that may be linked to comets. 

Figure 4. Comet of 1618 was associated with the coming "end of the world" and spreading death and disease.

The great plague of Athens that broke out in the year 430BC (Karlen 1996) is a strong candidate for a cometary cause.  The epidemic was localized geographically, and declined and disappeared as abruptly as it had started and no source could be discovered.  The description of the epidemic and its symptoms described by the historian Thucydides (2004), has defied identification with any known infectious disease.

Here's part of the story on the recent rabies outbreak in the Chelyabinsk region in Russia after the recent Chelyabinsk meteor comes to us from The Moscow Times.:

22 March 2013 | Issue 5093

The Moscow Times

A state of emergency has been declared in the Chelyabinsk region due to an outbreak of rabies among animals, the regional administration said in a statement.

In a decree posted on the administration's website, Ivan Feklin, the deputy governor of the region and head of the emergency response team for coordinating preventative measures for rabies, is tasked with confirming a complex set of measures to stabilize the region's rabies outbreak for the duration of the emergency regime.

According to the regional administration of the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service, the region has been hit by a complicated epizootic situation with rabies in animals, Interfax reported.

Comets were looked at as 'messengers of the Gods' in ancient times, carrying the power of life and death as shared in this BBC story, The Comet's Tale. More on the rabies outbreak across the world below video.

In the meantime as this thread from Godlikeproductions points out, rabies outbreaks have been spreading across the world in the past several weeks. Much more here.

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