Friday, January 4, 2013

Will the government and media inform the masses immediately in time of disaster?!

When disasters occur, will the government and media inform the public immediately?
A blast in CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp) Huizhou refinery, a brand of Daya Bay nuclear power plant in China’s Guangdong province –– occurred at around 4.10 on 11 July 2011. The reason was that 3 pumps at the bottom of the refinery tower broke into fire.

When the fire broke out, Huizhou refinery fire services, Daya Bay fire services, petrolchemical logistics fire services and CNOOC and Shell fire services with more than 40 fire engines participated in the rescue. Oil spill alert was also started.

At around 9 pm, CNOOC's Huizhou refinery Office Ma Hongming told the press that the fire was extinguished. No casualties and no oil spill were reported. Each facility in the factory functioned properly and the equipment was under control.

The smokes resulted in the fire were petrol (mainly carbon dioxide) and there was no hazardous elements. CNOOC's Huizhou refinery denied any explosion broken out.

If we only watch the news, it seems that the incident is not serious and the fire was already under control. As for the local residents, it seems that there is no danger and they do not need to escape.

Has explosion occurred?

According to the witnesses, when the fire broke out, residents witnessed that the blast was up to hundred meters tall and there were heavy smokes.

Some residents even described that if you witnessed the fire scene, you would know what a doomsday look like.

Being the mass media and news broadcasters, why don’t they report the actual situation such as explosion?

Why it is actually the public who pictured the scene and circulated on the Internet?

At 1:55pm in the afternoon, the so-called “under control” fire scene exploded again. Heavy smoke was resulted. Some of the combustion equipment fell down. 10 remote water guns being set in the area were drowned in the fire. The scene was horrible.
Luckily, the front line firemen controlled the high-tech movable water guns in a long distance so that a horrible disaster could be avoided. 

The fire lasted for 13 hours. Luckily, the nuclear power plant 20 miles away was not affected.

After looking at the shocking truth, one can’t help asking why does the authority always not reflect the seriousness of the incident? 

When disaster happens, will the government and media inform the public of the danger of the disaster it the first place? 


  1. Government and media do not guarantee to tell you all the truth and the fact!!!
    They only show you the peace in order to let the society keep going on....

  2. yes, We must consider that :
    When disaster happens, will the government and media inform the public of the danger of the disaster it the first place?

  3. I agree with you.When disaster happens,the government and media will not tell us the truth.
    There,we must pay more attention and prepare yourself.

  4. when disasters occur, I believe that the government and media will not inform the public immediately as their selfishness.
    the only way we can do is ask our Jesus Christ for help and believe him.
    now, we should prepare for ourselves and our neighbours.

  5. The fact is NO! The government won't tell citizen to prepare for the disaster! Be alert!