Monday, January 21, 2013

Natural disasters cost $160 billion of damages in 2012: Hurricane Sandy the single-costliest disaster of the year

(Jan 7) Germany’s Munich Re AG, the world’s biggest reinsurer by premium revenues, said natural disasters in 2012 caused $160 billion in overall losses and $65 billion in insured losses worldwide. The US accounted for a higher proportion of global natural disaster losses than usual in 2012. Hurricane Sandy alone accounted for some $50 billion in overall losses.
“These two catastrophes clearly demonstrate the type of events we can expect to contend with more often in the future.”
The second major loss event of 2012 was the summer-long drought in the USA that plagued the Corn Belt in the Midwest and surrounding states, where most of the USA’s main agricultural crops, corn and soybean, are grown. The overall agricultural crop losses in the USA in 2012 totalled around $20 billion, making it the biggest loss in US agricultural insurance history. In average years, insured losses are around $9 billion. Tornadoes also caused significant losses in the USA, with overall losses from the most severe tornado outbreak March 2 through $5 billion, of which 50% was insured.
italy quake
Two earthquakes that struck Italy’s Emilia Romagna region in May proved to be Europe’s costliest events. Overall losses from the two earthquakes totalled some $16 billion. In terms of casualties, Typhoon Bopha, which struck the Philippines in December, is 2012’s most devastating catastrophe, with over 1,000 deaths recorded and many people that remain unaccounted for. The losses in 2012 were less than in 2011, when record figures climbed to as much as $400 billion, due to major earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand and severe floods in Thailand. (Source)


Scientists and experts all agree that we can expect more severe weather-related catastrophes. The bowls of wrath represent nature at its deadliest. Are you wondering why Father Yahweh the Warrior doesn’t just wipe out this planet? The Sun can easily do the job. The enemy is a joke to Yahweh and he mocks and laughs at them – can you find the Scripture on that? But why is this war that started more than 6,000 years is still lingering on? Because of how the War Plan was formulated – if you knew the complexity of it, you would not stop giving praise to our Father in Heaven.
There are many good reasons why so many battles are recorded in the Word. In the olden times, Yahweh directed the Israelites on combat. This was to foreshadow the holy angelic warriors – the Lions of Zion are behind these natural disasters in these end times and who try to thwart them? Satan along with his human and spirit confederates. They do not want the new Earth with Christ as King so they are fighting tooth and nail to resist the destruction of this world.
You know how the Ark of the Covenant also served as a war machine for combat?  It literally represented Yahweh in battle and did much to help the Israelite army; and when things got really bad, Yahweh brought in the angelic hosts to help fight; in the battles they fought the demons (called stars) who assisted the enemy and they also plagued the human enemy.
If Father Yahweh got involved in ancient battles, He will do so again in these end times. When and how? We do not know. Are you wondering if Yahweh is really in control? Look at Moses, he radiated from being exposed to radiation – Yahweh’s glory which is composed of radiation in His spiritual energy makeup – but he did not get sick and die, because Yahweh is a miracle worker. Yahweh is in control!
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  1. The catastrophic disasters really caused many adverse effects in those year.
    i believed that there will be more serious disasters happening in the near future time.
    do preparevfor ourselves and neightbours.

  2. Disaster increasingly intensified!!