Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Elenin & 19.5

We always see and make use of different constants in our daily life. A constant is a number of which the value or the ratio to others never changes.

When the human being knew more and more about science, say mathematics, they discovered  the presence of different constants in their daily lives. One of the most common constants is "pi". Pi is the constant showing the ratio of the circumference and the diameter of a circle. It is an endless number - 3.14159262329……. 

Another constant that is commonly seen is "phi".  Phi is usually called the golden ratio as it is regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing ratio in lives. The golden ratio can be seen among different organisms, including the human bodies, shells or nebulae. The acknowledgement of these ratios indicates that the human civilization has reached a certain level.

Hence in 1972, when NASA launched two robotic space probes, Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, they included these constants on the metal plates of the spacecrafts.  NASA hoped that other intelligent beings would know the existence of human being and their level of civilization when they met the spaceships.

Yet, when Comet Elenin entered the Solar System and was discovered by human being , Richard Hoagland, an ex-consultant of NASA, discovered that the number 19.5 appeared repeatedly in various data regarding Comet Elenin from NASA. In previous sermons, we have mentioned several times that when a tetrahedron was put inside a sphere, its apex points touched the sphere at the positions of 19.5 degrees.

Among stars, 19.5 is also a common constant.  It is the explosion point of the internal energy of a star. For instance, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is a super atmospheric storm with a size larger than the Earth and is situated at the 19.5 degrees of Jupiter. The live volcano in Hawaii is also located at the 19.5 degrees of the Earth.

Besides, it seems that some ancient civilizations of high intelligence also knew about the secret of the 19.5 degrees. For instance, Yucatán, where the Mayan lived, is located at the 19.5 degrees of the Earth.

Moreover, though denying the important meaning of the 19.5 degrees over the years, NASA launched the first spacecraft to Mars, Mars Pathfinder, which landed on the 19.33 north latitude and 33.55 west longitude of Mars.  The figure was very close to the 19.5 degrees.  Also, the number "33", which denotes the highest degree of the Freemasons, appeared again.

Why does 19.5, a interstellar constant, appear repeatedly in Comet Elenin, a hyperdimensional education machine as named by Richard Hoagland?

Is there someone of even higher intelligence than human being wants to send some messages to the latter through this comet, just like what the human being did by using the constants on Pioneer 10 and 11 to communicate with the so-called extra-terrestrial?

From its previous movement, we see that Comet Elenin has just arrived at the position of Virgo on 29 September 2011, the Feast of Trumpets.  This fulfilled the vision mentioned in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. Is the one who used this comet to communicate with human being the author of the Book of Revelation, that is, the Lord Jesus Christ?