Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Use ZNS Player?

ZNS player is a mobile app that allows you enjoy thousands of Zion New Songs. It can be downloaded in the App Store (in iOS devices) or in Google Play Store (in Android devices).

Just simply enter “ZNS player” in the search bar, and you can reach it. Of course all the songs there are free of charge!

When you open the app, just click the menu button in the top left-hand corner and you will see “Player”, “Playlist”, “Album”, and “Songs” on the left.
When you click “Player”, it will show you the list of songs chosen to be played.

When you click “Playlist”, you will see “fast-paced songs”, “slow-paced songs”, “medium-paced songs” and “slow-paced music-only files” there. The entire playlist will be played once you have made a choice.

When you click “Album”, it shows you different albums. It will allow you to listen to any one particular album.There are 75 regular albums, 2 albums with movie theme songs, 1 10th Anniversary Special Collection and a couple of other special editions.

When you click “Songs”, you can directly search for the songs that you like and then add it to a new playlist. You can search the songs by simply entering the song number, keywords of the lyrics, or the name of the song.

There will be one new song every week. A dialogue box will appear and remind you that you can download the new song.

Last but not least, in the menu bar, you will see “About Zion New Song”, “”, “ZionDaily Facebook Official Channel” and “ZionDaily Youtube Official Channel”. If you want to know more about us, click any of them and you can find more information about us!


You may download the song here from ZionNewSong:

You may also download "ZNS Player" and enjoy over a thousand of songs for free:

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